NeuBake Super Slice: Super sandwiches perfect for summer trips

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What’s the most popular activities for families this summer? Road trips! It can be a trip to the province or your hometown to visit your relatives. Another option is a beach trip where everyone can have fun under the sun while enjoying the cool water. Or, it can be a quick drive to a nearby park for a nice picnic with the family. Wherever your road trip destination is, it’s sure to be fun for the entire family

And where there’s a road trip, there has to be baon. Sandwiches are one of the must-have snacks because it’s easy to prepare and convenient to eat while on the road. Good thing there is now NeuBake Super Slice, the newest loaf bread from Gardenia that has bigger slices, yet affordable at P29. With NeuBake Super Slice, you can create bigger sandwiches that can satisfy your big appetites.

Everything about NeuBake is exciting and new – from the slices, bigger than your regular white bread, to the horizontal packaging format, to the enjoyment that your family will get when you start preparing sandwiches for your summer trips.

Aside from its Super Slice, NeuBake also comes in a new Super Tipid Pack! This new, horizontal pack gives you 10 slices of big, delicious white bread, for only P29! That means you can make big, delicious sandwiches without taking a big bite out of your budget.

NeuBake Super Slice Super Tipid Pack is available in leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. It comes in white bread and wheaten bread variants. That’s more choices for you to satisfy the summer sandwich cravings of your kids and the whole family.


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