Myths and Fact about Gold Jewelries: Hwag Mahiyang Magsanla

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No one is excuse

There is no such thing as, everything is smooth and life is a bed of roses

Minsan akala natin, okey na ang lahat pero there would come a time that we encounter problems in life and we don’t have no one we can rely on too especially if it is about money

As a mom who has been separated for so many years already, I had my share.

If you are a mom, never kang pwede magsabi ng hindi pag it comes to your childs need.

My children don’t ask much but if it is about their school needs, syempre gagawa ng paraan

As a mom, we will source out everything just to make sure na we can provide pero minsan kinukulang tayu talaga.

I work day and night but there are times, may biglaang need na dapat natin tustusan.

Here are the options na pwede

Mangutang sa Bumbay

Yes, si pareng bumbay ay pwedeng lapitan, kaso pag wala kang store; di ka nya papautangin. And if you have a store naman, may schedule ka pa na dapat sundin, eh what if may utang ka pa sa kanya and you needed the money na agad. At kung sakali naman na pagbigyan ka, ibabawas ni bumbay ung dati mong utang; so maliit na din makukuha mo

5/6 Style

Here is another option pero mas grabe toh kasi lalo ka mababaon sa utang kasi sa laki ng interest


The problem with loans is that you need to have a collateral and it would take time, saka daming process na dadaanan and not to mention; may processing fee pa na ibawas sa money mo 🙁

The BEST way……Magsanla

If you have jewelries, gold jewelries specifically, then you have a winning option

I for one have been pawning my jewelries to Cebuana Lhuillier for years and it was so easy for me to get a high appraisal compare to other pawnshop in our area.

Recently, I was invited sa isang workshop about jewely appraisal by  Bijoux. Bijoux is a  jewelry appraiser holds workshop for people who want to learn how to appraise jewelries the right way.

During the workshop, I have learn a lot of myths and facts about appraising

It was my first time to attend such an event and to be expose to such workshop is such an experience

It provides a good learning experience for me since it opens a lot of knowledge about jewelry appraisal

I learn about the difference about fashion jewelry and genuine jewelry

  • Gold jewelries can be pawned depend on karat and purity, accuracy,Pag sinabing gold, pwede isanla and we are lucky to have something we can pawn that we can used during emergency.There is different purity , there is 24k,22k,18k,12k,10k

    Gold is hard to find that is why its expensive and it hard for miner to find and to find them they use blasting or manual pukpuk

  • Pwede isanla ang mga jewelries kahit madumi, may pingas; because they will base it on grams and purity. Kahit may bato pa ung jewelry mo, you can pawned it. Cebuana Lhuillier don’t look at the design of the jewelry, they are after the weight and purity
  • One gram is equivalent to 2000.00
  • If your gold jewelry is soft, mataas ang purity nya because gold is soft; don’t worry kung nadeform. It can be stretch because its mallable. Gold is not attracted to magnet. Di sya madaling matunaw
  • Don’t go swimming wearing jewelry kasi baka mag fade ang color because of the chlorine
  • Pag magpapakulay ka ng buhok, don’t wear jewelry kasi ung chemical na ginagamit sa buhok, nakakafade ng jewelry

Because of this training during a  Bijoux event, I more than ever appreciate Cebuana Lhuillier on how they handle my jewelries.

Cebuana Lhuillier provides this type of training for their employees so that they can  have the expertise need to appraise our jewelries.

Now I fully understand why the staff of the Cebuana Lhuillier are professional in putting the right value to our jewelries; because they have the skills that are certified and trained continuously to horn their talents. 

So, if ever you are in a situation that needed emergency fund, hwag mahiyang magsanla


Cebuana Lhuillier is a place for us that can guarantee high appraisal and professional staff

Cebuana Lhuillier is open from Monday to Sunday; 8 am till 8 pm on some branches. Kaya you can easily get access sa services nila at ang haba ng time, hwag lang talagang gabing gabi ang emergency natin 😊

Thing to remember when pawning

The management reserves the right to test all items submitted to pawning

Before leaving the pawnshop, check the following

  • Your redeemed item
  • The details of the pawn ticket
  • The amount of money received

      The branch shall not be liable after these have been taken out of the branch

For partial/installment payment of loan, please inquire with the branch manager

Pawning of fashion jewelry and stolen items are illegal and punishable by law










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2 thoughts on “Myths and Fact about Gold Jewelries: Hwag Mahiyang Magsanla

  1. I prefer mag sangla if there’s an emergency that I need money. Mas mahirap kasing mangutang kung kanino lalo’t magkaroon ng aberyang hindi mo ahmgad mabayaran yung taong inutangan mo. Minsan nahantong pa sa samaan ng loob. Sa bumbay naman mahirap din mangutang dahil napakataas ng interest. Hirap kn nga sa pera dagdagan pa ng napakataas na interest. The best na ang magsangla dahil bukod sa wala ka ng pinerwisyong tao, magaan pa ang interest.

  2. So here’s my story..Si hubby noong bf/gf pa kami mas nagbibigay ng gift na magagamit ko daw, di nawawala o nauubos at may purpose. He used to “bribe” haha me FOOD talaga pasalubong niya pag nagkikita kami sa school. He’s not into spending flowers, pero love letters or funny cards na may noted niya. So on our anniv he handed me a necklace 14k but i rarely wear it takot ma snatch lalo na ung daanan ko from school may area na maraming loko. Fast forward, we are a couple and blessed with a kid, my eldest son na super likot. On his 2yrs of age, an accident came. He fell down sa stairs siguro mga 4 steps and it went really bad. I hurriedly run towards him and saw nakalaylay na ang elbow nya. As starting palang kami, we had no enough money. We even opted to hilot and we regret so we went to a clinic daming xray ginawa then ni refer kami to RMC, sin-smento muna ang elbow temporarily until we get a sched of his operation and the cost? Almost 30k for his fractured bones. We dont have that amount but we’ll do anything for him. Luckily, his boss, called informing we should make a visit to Phil Orthopedic the soonest as they already notify someone there. Btw, my husband that time works as a govt employee. We arrived there and mrami tao, so bawat galaw need money. I remember my necklace and brought it. Mahirap kumilos pag walang pera byahe palang from Taguig to Banawe Qc and need lagi magtaxi. No hesitations, we went to a nearby sanlaan, not to mention basta may ginto sa name nya nakikita din everywhere. Ang liit lng daw sabi ng asawa ko so hanap kami. We saw Cebuana and we believe na matutulungan kqmi kasi trusted na ito, i cant go on details kasi lutang ako that time. Hubby just went to the counter, handed my necklace they checked may timbang timbang pa sila nun and i remember php8k din and necklace ko malaking bagay na para makakilos kilos unlike doon sa other pawnshop plus di pa mabigat ang bayad di ka kabahan na baka di mo matubos malayo oa maturity date. Npa wow ako. BLESSING sya. Pirma na and we’re off to go. Matagal kami nagstay and kami lang talaga ang dami procedures before operation kahit sabihin na public may gagastusin ka padin plus food pa namin everyday..Sa katapat na fastfood kami kumakain kasi salitan kami sa pagbantay kaya magastos talaga. So after that unos na successful ang operation need pa namin pabalik balik kasi may followup checkup pa sa healing etc. Buti nlng sinagot ng govt (where hubby works) ang mga bakal na ginamit that time so mga gamot lang sa amin, travel amd food expenses. Natubos ko siya haha and masasabi ko SALAMAT CEBUANA✋

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