My Unlimited Servings of Lobsters at Marriott Café

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Whenever we dine or go out of town, Lobster would be the most expensive dish on the menu and because of this; we seldom choose it. But now, we can have unlimited serving of lobster at Marriot Café every Monday

Labeled as one of the ocean’s most expensive treasures, lobster is the newest addition in Marriott Manila’s buffet spread at Marriott Café. Here’s the catch: this fancy delicacy is unlimited only on Mondays starting May until August; but isn’t lobster already an irresistible reason to indulge at the start of the week? That would be a yes! And what makes this an absolute treat is that it’s available both on lunch and dinner for Php 1,950 only – on top of the already incalculable array of international cuisines. 


Lobster All-You-Can

Fresh huge lobsters on ice shall greet you at the start of Marriott Café’s buffet line. They specifically use Canadian lobsters that are known for its fairly sweet and tender quality catering discerning tastes and are flexible for any cooking style. And if you are quite new to lobster indulgence, trust their chef recommended specialty dishes like the Lobster Thermidor, a French classic that has a creamy stuffing mixture of its meat and cheese. For a highly flavorful dish, have the Garlic Lobster flambéed in white wine. Or go simple having it grilled with lemon accent for a wonderfully natural flavor.


Dine & Play

A different kind of pop-up station comes with this promotion: Claw Machine, exactly like those seen in the arcades. It is yet again a creative touch that Marriott pulls-off for an interactive, fun dining experience. Each guest will be given a token to play the Claw Machine with a goal to capture a lobster stuffed toy, of which you can bring home. Another prize in store for catching one is a special platter of 400 grams of lobsters. 


It is a level up to your buffet without having to pay more. Don’t let this fancy offer just swim by, make that Monday excuse and snatch a seat right away.  

For inquiries, call (02) 9889999 or visit To keep up on the hotel’s latest offerings, follow @manilamarriott on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.




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