My Reasons why you should visit Food Park Manila Q.C

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We love to eat, we love to try different variants that other town or country can offer to us and we love to discover new places to eat.

Last week, we visited one of the newest food truck in Quezon City , the Food Truck Manila Q.C.

Food Truck Manila Q.C is located along Kamia Road.

Meet Mr Joni Cabrera and let’s hear from him what’s special about Food Truck Manila Q.C

Here are the reason why  you should visit Food Truck Manila Q.C and bring your family and friends as well


Parking and accessibility

Yes, parking is important and its should be accessible . While we want to enjoy the food, we should be able to find the place accessible and there ample parking space if we have a vehicle. The place has a security manning the parking with barangay tanod and police man in the vicinity as well. We should at feel secure as well while eating and enjoying the company of our family or love ones.

The Place

Food Truck Manila QC is a five storey food park. The good thing about this place is the separation of smoking and non smoking area.  A designated area for family gathering , for alcohol, for smokers and non smoker.

As a mom, I would like to separated my kids to those people who are drinking alcohol and Food Truck Manila QC understand that.


Food Manila has line up some events in addition to their food offerings, they have DJ for music entertainment.   I was also informed that there would be beer pong in the future.


I could say that when you are in Food Truck Manila, you could taste a variety of food offerings from various town and country. I told myself that this is a food truck that has it all, from the sweets, pulutan,  main dishes and viands that differs from one another.  There is no repetitions when it comes to food, each  tenant was a distinct offering of their own.


By the way, I know you would be happy to know that they have a comfort room that they can be proud of. Yes, I want to say that comfort  rooms are important as well because we want to feel at ease when we are caught in the moment.

So there you go. Visit Food Truck Manila Q.C at 63 Kamias Road, Diliman Quezon City. It is open from 11:00am to 2:00am.

For more details check out their Facebook Page



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