My JAMpacked Adventure in Batangas : Eat, Pray, Explore

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When I turned 45 yrs. old, I decided to resign from my corporate work in the construction industry. I wanted to spend time with myself and do things that I can still do with my remaining energy. I wanted to do explore and travel and every month I make sure to go out of town and once a year, an out of the country trip.

For this month, I was able to explore Batangas. For the last three years, I have been going out of the country via air and now I have the opportunity to travel via land.

Batangas is the nearest perfect destination that we can visit. Via JAM Liner, I was able to reach Batangas in just 2-1/2 hours via SLEX.

With my busy schedule, I normally do a day or two in my tours. I leave in the wake of dawn and go home late in the evening. So, what’s my JAMpacked adventure in Batangas




There is interesting place like LIAM’S Lomi house which you can experience Batangas Lomi at its finest, that they event won the 2012 Best Lomi in Batangas. Their best seller is the Lomi with Lechon on top which only cost 75.00 served in a big bowl ; which I think is good for two persons. Liam’s Lomi House is located at Gen. Luna St., Sabang, Lipa City Lipa, Batangas 


What’s interesting about Casa rap is their set up. Dining in a garden inspired restaurant is enticing to the customers as well as their delicious food and halo-halo. The theme of Cas Rap is being one with nature. The place is homey and rustic. Ordering of food would take you about 30 minutes , so better order in advance if you are planning to drop by anytime soon. Plants, flowers, artifacts are located in the area.

Casa Rap is located along the highway between Batangas City and Lipa City. Casa Rap is located at Km 90, Barangay Banay-Banay,San Jose, Batangas 


One thing that you shouldn’t miss going to Batangas is visiting the St. Pio National Shine, located at Santo Tomas-Lipa Road, San Pedro,Santo Tomas, Batangas. The place is perfect for meditating and praying. It is also a famous pilgrimage spot for the devotees of  St. Pio. There is a mass every hour , every Sunday at the St. Pio Shrine. 


Casa De Segunda is located at 198 Rizal St, Lipa, Lipa, Philippines. The ancestral house of the Luz-Katigbak family, Casa de Segunda is named after Segunda Solis Katigbak, widely regarded as the first love of national hero Jose Rizal. The house was a historical landmark.  

I wanted to find out what Batangas can offer and that means finding what can Batangas offer to me to see the other side of this amazing country of ours and that means checking the Batangas port. Yes, with the Batangas fort, we could be able to get across to other province and tourist spots via sea vessels like boat and roro

If you are planning to visit Calapan, you can do so via FastCat

This year, FastCat added two brand new vessels to serve more routes to Filipinos. FastCat is raising the bar high in the shipping industry making inter-island connectivity more accessible to its passengers through modernization. They are changing the game as they keep on providing better service to the Filipinos, firmly believing that they deserve no less than the best. The betterment of FastCat’s services and addition of more vessels and routes are still their utmost priority for the next years to come.

The new addition to their roster of moving bridges feature improved version of FastCat’s signature comfort, reliability and safety. They also take pride in their business class and premium economy sections that provides a fully air-conditioned accommodation matched with an entertainment system, reclining seats, and food trays, a PWD and senior citizen friendly facilities, and professionally trained crew and staff for an ultimate customer experience.

Features of FastCat

The Cardeck – can hold up to 34 cars and 7-8 trucks/buses

Roll on Roll off Ramps & Safety life Rafts in Case of Emergency

Elevator for People with Disabilities

Business Class-fully airconditioned with an LCD and can accommodated up to 63 passengers. All with individual life vest.

Premium Econamy – Fully airconditioned with 2 LCD TV’s and can accommodate up to 105 passengers with individual life vest as well.

Sundeck/Econamy- open area and can accommodate up to 154 passengers with individual life vest

Cafeteria- with wide selection of food and beverages, available on the first and second floor of the vessel.

Engine Room – Equipped with superior engines that are fully compliant with international maritime standards

The Captain Bridge – with state of the art navigation and control system 

With FastCat’s new routes and its alliance with JAM liner and Philtranco bus lines, travelling in the Philippines has become more convenient like never before. With their aim of serving more customers, FastCat having a fleet of modern ships, together with plans to expand to up to 30 ships by 2020.  

JAM liner has been serving passengers for 50 years with over 300 buses. Proven to be trusted by the public for their daily commute to and from work, school and business, JAM liner continues to advocate help via means of transportation. It serves the route of Laguna, Quezon and one of its major destination is Batangas. Currently, their new fleet of buses comes with GPS and entertainment system. They also recently purchased EURO 4 buses that are more modern and environment friendly. JAM liners major terminals in Cubao and Buendia were also upgraded with convenience stores, ATMs, and other facilities for a more   comfortable travel.  

To know more about FastCat and JAM liner, visit their websites: FastCat: JAM liner:

So till my next road trip or sea trip…………………

By the way, can you suggest a place I should visit in Mindanao

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  1. Liam’ s lomi house the best lomi tlga..naisip ko tuloy kailangan when I reach 45 din mag tatravel din ako ng mas madalas hangat kaya pa sobrang tama po❤️

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