My Palawan Baragatan Festival 2017 Coverage Experience Highlights

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After my first visit to Palawan, going back was always been in my mind and my wish was granted last June 16, 2017

My visit coincides with the  Baragatan sa Palawan Festival 2017. Baragatan sa Palawan Festival 2017 was a week-long celebration for the whole of Palawan for its 115th founding year anniversary.

My days in the Baragatan sa Palawan Festival 2017 were filled with astounding experience and treasured memories.

For now I could say, I now know Palawan more than ever.

From the first moment I landed to the newly constructed airport of Palawan, I know my visit would be sensational.

To make the story short, here are the highlight of my experience and what I had attended

Congratulations to Rizal Municipality for winning of Best Float Competition
Paantiguan Competition

Congratulations to Magsaysay Municipality for Paantiguan Competition.



Palawan Provincial Dancing Inmates Competition


One of the most memorable parts is the presentation of Ms. Mutya ng Palawan. Each candidate parade wearing their festival costume. For those who conceptualize the costume, I salute you. The costumes are really remarkable and turning each material used into something incredible was awe-inspiring

Congratulations to Ms. Brooke Point for winning the title Ms. Mutya ng Palawan
From the first day to the last minute that I was covering the Baragaratan Festival 2017, I know I had made the right decision to fly to Palawan, for its an experience of a lifetime

With all the line up activities at the Baragaratan Palawan Festival 2017, i couldn’t wait for next year

Congratulations and hope to be part of next year Baragatan Palawan Festival 2018

For this this experience, I want to thank the Gov. Jose Alvarez, Mr.r Caesar Sammy Magbanua, Over-all Festival Committe Chairman,Miss Karen Grace Seville, CDA I/ Events and Protocol.

And last but not the least, thank you Evo Joel Contrivida for the letting me experience this unforgettable event.



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