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As a mom of five, my children are usually my priority, so when it comes to products that I use and buy, they are mostly consist of items that my children and I can use. And as a mom I’ve made and formulated my own wish list that can cater to mine and my children’s needs for everyday uses.

1. Skin care products – Pond’s Pure White Facial Foam
Skin care products are items that we all use to take care of ourselves and keep ourselves beautiful, that includes even my 18-year old son. Shopee is a good place to buy these types of products for a cheaper price.

2. Lotion – Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion
The Philippines is a very hot country and moisturizing lotion is very important to keep our skin smooth, moisturized and beautiful. This product helps in keeping me and my family safe and moisturized under the heat of the sun.

3. Make-up products – Nyx Eyebrow Pencil
Another thing that is always “IN”, in my family, thus putting itself in my wish list. Having 4 daughters there is always a shortage of make-up products for the family. Even more so because my daughters are performing artists. This will ensure that we have something to use on the go.

4. Accessories – Forever 21 Necklaces
Accessories are a necessity when it comes to fashion, a simple set of earrings and necklaces can turn your style from rags to riches. Shopee can provide diverse types of products readily. Truly a wonderful place to find things you need.

5. Bags – Canvas string bag
A hip and fashionable way to securely store your things when going out. Canvas bags are easily customizable letting my children and myself to be able to show our personality to the world.

6. Swimsuit – One piece Off -shoulder Swimsuit
Perfect for the summer heat and beach vacations with the whole family. An effortless way to find a vast selection of pieces that can range from cute to sexy swimsuits. A place where you can find it all without leaving the comfort of your home.

7. Dress – Casual Swing Dress’S-Swing-Retro-Housewife-Party-Dress-i.46148620.809589015

A dress that allows free movement and a cute style for a casual Saturdate with the family. This dress is even good enough to wear on semi-formal occasions that helps add flare to your existing wardrobe.

8. Shoes – Wedge Sandals
As an on the go blogger I prioritize comfort over fashion when it comes to shoes. But what if you were able to combine both comfort and fashion at the same time. This is what I found that catered to my needs and went beyond.

9. Eyewear – Metal Frame Circle Glasses for Women
To stay hip and cool under the sun, protection for your eyes are important. But as a woman it must be fashionable for both my children and me. So, I went on Shopee and found the perfect pair of shades for myself and my daughters.

10. Hair Tie – Knotted Hairband
As women the longest and most irritating part on a sizzling summer day is our hair. A solution to this is cutting our hair, but what if you dread parting with your beautiful locks. A hair tie or headband is the next best thing.

These are the ten things that you can find on my wish list, that you can find on Shopee. Fulfill your aesthetic needs and shop away in the comfort of your own home.

Now for you mothers out there, I suggest that you check out the list that I made, to find things that not only you can use but your children as well. While your browsing that list, why don’t you check out Shopee as well to get a full experience of easy shopping in your own time.

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Lariza Garcia

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  1. D na hassle mamili ksi my shopee anjan na lahat at madalas my sale or discount pa sila kya bongga

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