Mikana Constellation Taurus Oushiza 18k Gold Plated Pendant Necklace accessories for women: Get up to 83% off in Shopee

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Ageless, timeless, and appreciated, jewelry can be described simply using these three words.


Jewelry or accessories when given to someone as a gift shows the sincerity and value you put towards a person and their personage. When giving gifts you can never go wrong when you decide to give someone a new addition to their stylish ensemble. Bangles, earrings, rings, and necklaces are a few different styles of jewelry that you can find all over the world, the beauty and elegance that a well paired accessory to someone’s outfit can really make the difference to the whole feel and look.


Jewelry however, can be very pricy and can break your bank account, there are a lot of factors to know when buying accessories for a loved one or friends. Mikana is a Japanese influenced brand of jewelry that flaunts tradition while expressing modernity, their brand’s vision is to show the elegance and beauty of an accessory while amplifying the wearer’s own beauty and elegance.

Mikana aims to spread the culture of nature’s natural beauty as well as sustainability with their designs and manufacturing process of their products. They embolden the simple design and bring out the charm of a person, they have created a line that is very thoughtful to the wearer, the Constellation line. The constellation line they created contains pieces like the Taurus Oshiza an 18K gold plated necklace, the thoughtfulness of this gift lies in the birthday of your receiver, it becomes a constant reminder of how important someone is for entering the world and their lives.


Mikana also has other products that you can find which can become thoughtful gifts depending on a person’s taste, and despite the excellent quality of their accessories the products are affordable and easy on the pockets, the perfect gift to give someone for their special days or for any day at all.


You can easily find Mikana on Shopee on your internet browsers using this link or by searching for their shop on the Shopee app which is downloadable from the Google Playstore and the App Store for Apple users.


Mikana will be a participant of Shopee’s Super Brand Day from August 10, 2020 to August 12, 2020, you can find yourself or someone else’s perfect accessory and get a very hefty discount, the Taurus Oshiza with a suggested retail price of Php 1299.00 comes down to Php 296.00, a discount of up to 77%.


The Mikana shop is just one click away, and the perfect accessory to add to your ensemble is as well, time to show that special someone that you truly care for them or give yourself some self-love by giving the perfect gift that would definitely suit their personality. Show your timeless, and ageless feelings through the simple yet elegant designs of Mikana.


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