MetaBEATS : People’s new approach to weight loss.

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Get leaner, fitter, and sexier! Coach Jim Saret and his lovely wife Coach Toni, the country’s leading fitness and health experts and advocates are about to bring their wellness advocacy to the next level with a fresh new show, MetaBEATS. MetaBEATS, the first locally produced fitness and wellness nutrition show on Lifestyle Network, will not only be educational but entertaining as well.

This power couple has been touring here and abroad for new trends and technology to bring them all to Manila and share everything to Filipinos.

We were lucky to be able to meet them personally and got to learn a lot of thing and information about MetaBEATS

For more detailed interview, watch this video

MetaBEATS will feature a unique exercise program of ‘four-minute burst’ workouts targeted for weight loss, muscle toning, and physical endurance. Hosted and created by the lovely duo, the show will also feature preparations of the necessary dietary meal plan to achieve optimal results.

Coach Toni excitedly describes that MetaBEATS is set to revolutionize people’s approach to weight loss.  The program is very comprehensive that it will detail how to burn those calories to achieve a stronger, fitter, and healthier body and mind.  Weight loss, though just comes as a bonus, is guaranteed.

The fitness program the pair will use is the same successful program the national athletes of the Philippines for the Olympics underwent.  It is also the same program used for the Century Superbods and even for the Biggest Loser Philippine Edition.  It is the only fitness program as well  validated by cardiologists and has not been seen in gyms.

Happy way of losing weight.

MetaBEATS is metabolic and music combined as it aims to raise one’s metabolism so as to burn fat long after the class is finished.   And to make the workout seems not like one, music is infused thus the term BEATS.  No equipment is needed.  No ample space is required as well as one could do the exercise even inside a cramped workstation. All fitness levels can do the program, too, from  beginners to intermediate and advanced.

MetaBEATS will premiere on the Lifestyle Network on April 16.  With regular time slots every Saturday and Sunday 8am and replays on Saturdays and Sundays 4pm, Tuesdays 5am and 7am, and Thursdays 5am and 7am.

Aside from the power couple’s upcoming show, Coach Jim and Coach Toni will also organize Philippine’s first and most massive Sporting Fitness Convention on April 16 in Circuit Makati.  Presented by Milo, this milestone event is expected to draw thousands of health enthusiasts from all over the metropolis.

“The event will be like a fitness buffet wherein you will get to see, learn, and experience the latest nutrition and health trends in the country or perhaps in the world.  There will be industry leaders to bring awareness to health concerns and issues.   The expo will showcase the latest fitness and exercise equipment, sports gear, nutritional supplements, healthy food, and even comfort food,” Coach Jim elaborates.

Indeed, for Coach Jim and Coach Toni, 2016 is going to be a healthy, energetic, and exciting year.  MetaBEATS will premiere soon to make Filipinos dream be healthy not only through exercise but through complete lifestyle change.

Jumpstart your fitness journey now and join the power couple as they educate and inspire us to slash calories, tone our body and build some muscles.  It is after all Coach Jim and Coach Toni’s advocacy to help each Filipino  be healthier, fitter, and sexier.

For more details, T 709 7554 or M 09175504307.

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