ManilaMed launches their new Wound Care Unit

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Many of us think of wounds as a result of accidents, but even surgical incisions are wounds. The deeper or dirtier a wound is, the more care it needs.

Basic wound care can prevent infection and quickly heal the body’s process. However, there are also non-healing wounds that may not heal due to diabetes, poor circulation, nerve damage, or poor blood flow. Non-healing wounds may take months to heal if not treated.

“What’s important is to take good care of yourself. There are different types of wounds that need different ways of treatment with the appropriate utilization of the latest advanced wound care system and surgical options available,” said Dr. Trishalyn Mae M. Correa, General Surgery-Plastic Reconstructive surgeon at ManilaMed.

ManilaMed has recently announced the opening of their new Wound Care Unit. The establishment of the wound care unit is dedicated to the management of all types of acute and chronic wounds. Chronic or non-healing wounds are sores that have not improved from conventional treatments. While some wounds can heal by themselves, others require a more specialized care and treatment provided by medical professionals.


“We have a specialized Wound Care Team led by doctors in the field of General Surgery, Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, and Orthopedics, to treat conditions such as minor burns, post-traumatic wounds, diabetic ulcers, vascular ulcers (arterial and venous), pressure ulcers, radiation ulcers, post-surgical chronic wounds, scar modulation, and scar revision”, said Dr. Trishalyn Mae M. Correa.

Whether it is acute or chronic, the approach on how to treat the wound is what varies. The key is to seek help from medical professionals to avoid poor healing. You may visit ManilaMed – Medical Center Manila’s new Wound Care Unit at the 6th floor where they offer Management of Acute and Chronic wounds, Prevention planning and Education, Scar Management, and Home Wound Care every Mondays to Saturdays, from 9:00am to 5:00pm. For inquiries you may call (02) 523-8131 local 7805.

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