Why Malungai is the Tree of Life ?

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Kumpletong Nutrisyon? Dapat Natural!

Malungai LifeOil was recently launched a campaing “Kumpletong Nutrisyon? Dapat Natural!” last week at Podium. Media and bloggers were present during the event.

Malungai LifeOil is pure Malunggay oil extract in a gel. The only oil-form Malunggay food supplement in the market today, it contains wide range of natural nutrients that are bio-available or more readily absorbed by, and distributed in, the body. A potent antioxidant, Malungai LifeOil contains active chlorophyll, an essential nutrient people get from eating fresh, green leafy vegetables.

Presentation During the launch of Malungai Life Oil

Danny Javier
Danny Javier

JAN_DonWithBloggers JAN_GwenPang

Danny Javier, Gwen Pang, Dondon Hontiveros are just few of the growing number of people who attest to the health benefits they get from Malungai LifeOil. Thanks to its complete nutrients that come naturally!  From professional league athletes to hardworking public servants, to on-the-go retirees, busy career moms, and active college students, testimonies abound on strengthened immune system, improved blood circulation, and enhanced energy.

According to Dr. Monica Marcu, the most referenced researcher scientist on the study of Moringa, there are about 500,000 known species of plants and Moringa is being heralded as the most nutrient-rich on the planet.

“Moringa contains hundreds of substances – vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, essential fats, and specific phyto chemicals (plant derived), each with clear applications in healing and nutrition. I have tried to remain objective and impartial, although it is hard not to be excited and fascinated by Moringa… You will come to understand why they call her a miracle tree,” said Dr. Marcu.

Malungai LifeOil has 13 essential vitamins, 16 minerals, protein, omega 3, and chlorophyll. One 500mg Malungai LifeOil gel is equivalent to half a kilo of fresh Malunggay leaves.

Complete nutrients should come naturally.  This naturally comes with Malungai LifeOil.

Malungai LifeOil is available at all Mercury Drugstores and leading drug stores nationwide.  For more information, visit www.malungailifeoil.ph or like www.facebook.com/LifeOil.





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