L’Oréal’s “Beauty for a Better Life” Empowers Women of Marikina

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L’Oréal, a brand well known for beautifying hair of all ages and has been endorsed by multiple famous personalities, from actors to models. This company has helped in augmenting the beauty of many young ladies. However recently L’Oréal has flown off the shelves and started to reach out to three batches of women that are placed in locations that are prone to a vulnerability of social or economic circumstances.

Last April of 2017 the program of L’Oréal named “Beauty for a Better Life”. L’Oréal Philippines decided to lend a hand to hopeful young women from Barangay Sto. Nino as one their focuses as an unemployment prone area. The company decided to do this to give back to the world by empowering women throughout the globe and in this program, L’Oréal has stretched their hands into 27 different countries. The program is a course of beautification techniques that will allow their participants to find jobs as professional beauticians. As well as introducing these young women to partnered salon shops.

In this way, L’Oréal has helped the women gain jobs but confidence as well. By gaining the confidence to provide for themselves not only is their life improved but the people around them as well, their family, friends and their newly found co-workers.

A representative from L’Oréal said, “We believe in the power of beauty to change.” (Carmel Valencia). Not only did they believe, they chose to act on what they believed, and to this date they have helped 62 women in the Philippines.

Truly a company that cares, not only for your hair but for your standard of life as well. This company has kept our hair and our lives beautiful.

It was truly inspiring witnessing this momentous event for the graduates. Hope to be part of the graduation of the future graduates as well.

click here for photos during the graduation

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5 thoughts on “L’Oréal’s “Beauty for a Better Life” Empowers Women of Marikina

  1. Wow good job Loreal..laki ng naitutulong nyo sa ibang tao..nakakatuwa isipin na hindi lang pagpapaganda sa ating mga buhok ang naitutulong nyo kundi pati narin sa kapwa natin na nabibigyan nyo ng magandang trabaho..nice nice…keep it up..❤❤

  2. Wow the best po tlaga L’Oreal Ganda na quality ng products nla.. nakakatulong pa sa mga kababayan natn… bravo

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