Lisa Soberano: The New Mega Tuna Endorser

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Mega Global Corporation, recently introduced Lisa Soberano as their newest member in the Mega Global Family.

Mega Global launched Mega Tuna’s newest addition variants and formally introduced Lisa Soberano to the media. The event was held at Luxent Hotel today (October 20, 2015).

Mega Tuna Brand Manager, John Paolo proudly explained how he sees Mega Tuna while Lisa Soberano explained why she love to be part of the Mega Global Family

As for final words by the management

Enjoy pure tuna goodness with every variant of Mega Tuna, With Mega Tuna, all variants, and all 100% pure tuna. Mega Tuna is available in all leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide at the suggested retail price of P 33.10

What variants would you try?

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