Light Up a Star Program by Acuatico Beach Resort for the benefit of Laiya High School Students

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On it’s 3rd year, Acuatico Beach Resort welcome Christmas season with their Light Up a Star fund raising project last Nov.28,2017. A yearly program that aims to provide financial assistance to the aspiring K-12 Plus student of Laiya National High School.

Ms. Simonette Gusi


For those who want to support this project, you purchase a star; each star costs, Php50, Php100 and Php200.

A student of Laiya High School opens her speech with “Experience is the best teacher”.With the help of Acuatico Beach Resort, they are now equipped with the knowledge and training that they could use for them to have a brighter future ahead of them. Being poor is not an excuse to make your life better with the help of companies that are willing to support students to have a better life. Acuatico Beach Resort does not pride itself with just their beautiful resort and amenities but pride itself with the accommodating staff and their passion to help students be a better person in the future. This is also the reason why join the light up the star program

I was happy that I was able to get to know this company and the students that they nurture with the help of the Light up the Star program

By the way, Acuatico Beach Resort have a package for day tour

For more details about the program, please check out their website and facebook page

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