Let’s Talk about Cancer: Spread Awareness with the We Can, I Can Campaign

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This is Lariza Garcia and today, we will talk about the silent killer that creating havoc to the life of patient and to their families

Cancer, the big C, the disease that we are afraid to have to begin with.

Cancer is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body. These contrast with benign tumors, which do not spread to other parts of the body. Possible signs and symptoms include a lump, abnormal bleeding, prolonged cough, unexplained weight loss, and a change in bowel movements. While these symptoms may indicate cancer, they may have other causes. Over 100 types of cancers affect humans

Eight years ago, my grandmother died of cancer. She was 72 years old and because of that we opt that she won’t undergo the chemotherapy that was needed but she did undergo cobalt.  My grandmother died after six months from the time of diagnose

After five years, my mom shows symptoms  of breast cancer and immediately, upon the recommendation of the doctor, she undergo the operation.  Since it was stage 3, and we have high hopes that she could survive the cancer. The next step was the chemotherapy but before that, we must make sure that she regains her strength.

The sad part about my mom’s case is that, she never regains her strength. She was not able to undergo the chemotherapy because of issues about her creatinine. Later, she suffers from complication and after six months; she died

Honestly; with the two cases of cancer in our family; I was so paranoid and scared. I shift to a healthier lifestyle and have annual check up plus the vaccines that are available for the cervix.

Cancer does not only affect the patient but the family as well. Financially, emotionally and physically; it was an ordeal a family don’t want to undergo.

Now, I will have my annual check up again for thing that I think would affect my health as a woman.

But breast cancer, cervical cancer or ovarian cancer is not the only disease that we should watch for. there is other cancer like lung cancer which I found out is one of the leading cancer in the country.

I attended a forum last Feb 15, at the Manila Diamond Hotel in relation with the World Cancer

Day and their campaign “We can, I can”

Present during the forum are the following:

  • Dr. Claire Soliman, President, Philippine Society of Medical Oncology
  • Dr. Dennis Tudtud, Previous President, Philippine Society of Medical Oncology
  • Dr. Jorge Ignacio, Past President, Philippine Society of Oncologists / Cancer Institute Head, Philippine General Hospital
  • Dr. Conrado Lola, President, Philippine Society of Oncologists
  • Dr. Nelia Tan-Liu, Pathologist, Lung Center of the Philippines

What was discuss during the forum are

  • World Cancer Day Celebration and the Campaign; We can, I can
  • The Current Picture of Cancer Globally and local – Overall burden, prevalence, challenges, treatment and initiatives on various cancers and the need to address in through multi-stakeholder collaboration
  • How to Battle Cancer
  • Cancer Game Plan -Discuss upcoming efforts in cancer awareness and prevention – expanding discussion to various cancers (Melanoma, H&N, CHL, Gastric, Bladder). Present disease burdens, statistics, facts and treatment options.

Important Information I learn During the Forum

  • After two deaths in the family due to cancer, I became so interested to attend events and forum about the killer disease; cancer can affect everyone.
  • Cancer is an epidemic and knowing that there are people and companies who are trying to spread aware as to how these diseases be prevented, how to be detected on its early stage and other treatment options that we can avail of.
  • With campaign, we can, I can; we can make a difference


Things you should know about cancer disease.

  • The cancer cases will continue to rise If no intervention is done
  • Feb 4; World Cancer day became the World health day of the year. World Cancer Day (WCD) is one of the platforms that intensify and promote the global commitment against cancer, by increasing awareness, prevention, and driving urgent action from multi-stakeholder groups across multiple countries.
  • With effort of the government, private company, Collective and individually, we can do something to post awareness about on we can prevent cancer and understand it better.
  • We can help spread awareness how to combat this disease.
  • It important that we have a deep understanding so that we can do the appropriate treatment for each cancer since cancer is different from each one.
  • Lung cancer is the leading cancer in the Philippines
  • The government are establishing center that would help us with our fight with different type of cancer.
  • With the new development and treatment, the dreaded disease can now be chronic disease. Let’s have a quality way of life
  • Break the myth that cancer is incurable
  • Awareness is very important to the stake holders
  • Hopefully in the future it will not be called the dreaded C
  • Many cancers can be avoided by staying healthy
  • Let’s continue to eat right, stop smoking, exercise and be stress free (this one I know is hard to follow but let’s try)
  • Let’s not fear the disease get tested, find out and let’s do something about it.


What can we do to fight this disease?

  • There are new treatment and with the help of MULTIDISCIPLINARY, INTERDISCIPLINARY APPROACH TO MANAGEMENT OF CANCER, we have a better chance of fighting cancer.
  • There are blueprints/system to go about that we can now follow as to how we treat a patient with cancer.
  • Be aware of the cancer signs so that we can detect it early and proper treatment can be administered.


For assistance, information and other question; Philippine Society of Oncologists (PSO) and Philippine Society of Medical Oncology (PSMO) can assist us for deeper understanding.

Global pharmaceutical company MSD has a deep-rooted commitment to help reduce the global burden of cancer and is proud to be a supporter of WCD for the 2nd year

For other concerns; do visit the website: http://www.philcancer.org.ph


Let’s help one another

Spread awareness, with this; we can win the war against cancer or at least detect it on it’s early stage

Thank you for dropping by and I do hope that this help you learn new information about CANCER.






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5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk about Cancer: Spread Awareness with the We Can, I Can Campaign

  1. Importante din ang support from the people that you love. Yung pakiramdam na nandyan sila for you. Thanks for spreading the cancer awareness malaking tulong ito.

  2. Thanks for this info madam. Laking tulong po talaga ito para aware din po kami kung anu ang mga sintumas at kung anu ang mga do’s and dont’s. At laking tulong din po ang suporta ng mga kapamilya at mga taong nakapaligid po. Thamk you for sharing this madam. God bless!

  3. We do really need to spread all the right informations about cancer… Andami pa din po kasing namimissinterpret Ang sakit na ito… And andami na kahit may symptoms nang nararamdaman, ipinagwawalang bahala… Kaya imbes na maagapan… Lumalala…

  4. Maganda yung may ganitong event lalo na sa ating mga kababaihan maraming mga tips and advice on how to early detect breast cancer kasi most of us sa sobrang busy natin sa family and work tapos huli na nasa stage 3 na pla ang breast cancer.

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