‘Laki sa Tibay’ campaign:BEAR BRAND PMD relaunch

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BEAR BRAND continues to strengthen generations of Filipino families with its ‘Laki sa Tibay’ campaign

Laki sa Tibay Campaign celebrated its 10th year through a new project that was introduced last Monday at UP Bahay ng Alumni. Guest, business partners and media was present to grace the event.


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Here is my video coverage of the event, hope you enjoy watching


In every disaster that hits the Philippines, strength and resiliency emanate as prevailing Filipino traits. But where do they get their strength of character when life’s greatest challenges come their way?

That strength of character came as a result of years of nurture, which started from their very own homes.

BEAR BRAND PMD leveraged its efforts to nourish Filipino families to good health when it first kicked off its Laki sa Gatas (LSG) campaign, which has since benefited almost four million children, three million parents and 168,000 teachers since 2006.  Through the LSG, BEAR BRAND PMD raised awareness on micronutrient deficiency, which is one of the major public health concerns in the Philippines.

On its 10th year, BEAR BRAND PMD relaunches its long-running nutrition education advocacy from Laki Sa Gatas to Laki Sa Tibay as proof of the brand’s commitment to continue strengthening the TIBAY of Filipino children, towards achieving their ambitions. For BEAR BRAND,  TIBAY is facing life’s challenges by having strength of body, mind and will, achieved through a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, with everyday milk drinking at the center. Through the launch of LAKI SA TIBAY in 2016, BEAR BRAND PMD aims to reach more public schools per year to engage more teachers, parents and school-children on the role that TIBAY plays for them to achieve their ambitions.

With the Laki sa Tibay in place, BEAR BRAND PMD will be highlighting the vital role played by a healthy lifestyle, with everyday milk drinking at its core. This ensures that every Filipino child has the right Tibay ng Katawan, Kalooban at Isipan in overcoming life’s biggest challenges.

“When life turns sour, the world sees not our vulnerability but our resiliency,” said Alfredo Dela Cruz, Business Executive Manager for Dairy, Health and Nutrition Solutions of Nestle Phils. “This is why we want to instill the importance of having Tibay ng Loob starting from the children in our very own homes. When they carry that strength of character as they grow old, they will be able to provide better lives to their families and contribute effectively to the community as well.”

As the campaign transitions to Laki sa Tibay, BEAR BRAND PMD will continue to “push the fight against MND and ensure that all Filipino families get the right vitamins in going through their day-to-day activities through continuous milk intake.”

“Children need the right amounts of Iron, Zinc and Vitamin C because these nutrients keep them from experiencing tiredness, a weakened immune system, loss of concentration and illness. For them to get these Tibay Resistensya nutrients, it is important to regularly drink  milk that’s specially fortified with iron, zinc and Vitamin C such as BEAR BRAND PMD as these nutrients are depleted every 24 hours,” Dela Cruz added.


Under the new campaign, BEAR BRAND PMD will also launch its Milyon Milyon sa Ambisyon raffle promo where the company will collect empty packs of BEAR BRAND PMD products from the entries and convert them into school chairs. The end products will be donated to select public schools in the Philippines.

Dela Cruz concluded, “BEAR BRAND PMD is more than just every household’s companion to get the Tibay Resistensya nutrients they need in going through the day; BEAR BRAND PMD also helps each and every member of the family to get the Tibay they need in facing what life has in store for them.  In the coming years, we will continue to nurture Filipinos to be matibay; so that they can have the strength of body that can match their strength of will.”



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