KMC Solutions Office and Coworking Space : Now Ready to Serve you at the 5th floor of V Corporate Centre

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KMC Solutions open its new Flexible Office and Coworking Space on the 5th floor of V Corporate Centre along Leviste Street, Salcedo Village. The Flexible Workspace takes pride in being the largest of its kind in the country and the first to integrate wellness amenities.

The new office offers a wide variety of workspaces such as Coworking and Private offices. It features a Multi-Function Studio— perfect for indoor activities such as Classroom Training, Yoga, and Pilates among others. The Gaming Area provides an avenue of socialization and fun through video games. Its Platform Seats and Huddle Areas make meetings and socializing more casual and comfortable.

Measuring approximately 2,500 square meters, the 5th Floor V Corporate Centre is KMC Solutions’ 22nd Flexible Office in the country that caters to businesses of all sizes. The company continues to uphold its commitment of helping businesses in the country grow through their spaces, staff augmentation and enterprise services.

High Tech Biometrics
Call center set office
Manager’s Room
Reception Area
Pantry Area
Sleeping area has two double decks (female/male)

Wellness Room

Here are my thoughts about the KMC Solution Office

  1. The security is tight; you cannot just get in and out in a second. They require ID upon entrance to the building
  2. The interior is trendy
  3. The rooms are soundproof
  4. There are shower rooms as well when you attend the yoga session
  5. There are water dispenser and coffee machine near the offices and not just in the pantry
  6. There’s a 24 hour nurse on call for immediate needs
  7. There’s a sleeping area for those who want to take a rest in between breaks
  8. There’s a gaming area for some relaxation
  9. They have 5 different Wi-Fi provider
  10. The pantry area is comfortable and instagramable
  11. The offices are convertible and would fit your need
  12. You can rent a space and does what u want with it as long as you discuss it with the management
  13. Prices vary on what kind of set you require.
  14. The location is in the heart of Makati and they also assist on your different city permits as well


For further information please contact:

Andrew Lauchengco

KMC Solutions Assistant Marketing Manager

Tel: (+63) 917 621 4645


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