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  • Kids can accomplish anything just as long as you guide them
  • Kids can surprise with simple delicious meal
  • Kids can do it….. and that’s a fact


We love our children, that’s a fact that sometimes we tend to do everything for them. I was a single mom and I love my children and I’m also afraid on what will happen to them if they are not prepared to be an adult in the future.

There are simple things that they need to learn and that is how they can feed themselves just in case mom is not yet home.

Proud to say that my son is a better cook than I am,  all my children are better cooks than I am, hahahahahaha ; I’m just the financer who pays all the bill in the grocery store.

That is why I was happy to participate in the recent San Miguel Purefoods Kids Kitchen Camp with my foster child; Gab and Dhandrew.

Yes, as part of their social skill, at a young age of 7 and 9; they need to learn some simple dishes and San Miguel has been doing this for the couple of years now.

Dhandrew and Gab got their certificate

Last May 3, 2019 at the 28’“ floor Kitchen Studio of the Makati Diamond Residences (MDR), Dhandrew and Gab, together with little chefs-in-the-making got their hands busy at the Kids Kitchen Camp organized by the San Miguel Pure Foods (SMPF) Culinary Center in collaboration with Makati Diamond Residences.

On its 24′” year, the annual activity of SMPF Culinary Center aims to instil love and appreciation for food and cooking while introducing various SMPF products that can help in preparation ease and enhance skills of young budding cooking enthusiasts.

“If kids are much more involved in food preparation, then they truly get encouraged to eat more, which promotes good nutrition, plus they learn cooking early, a very important life skill” says Llena Tan-Arcenas, the Culinary Sempes Manager of San Miguel Pure Foods.

This year, our little chefs were taught how to prepare 5 scrumptious yet kidfriendly recipes such as Nachos Afritada using Purefoods Chicken Afritada and Magnolia Cheddar Cheese, Pulled Pork Tacos made from Purefoods Pulled Pork BBQ Pinoy Style and Magnolia Cheezee Squeeze, Quick Meaty Spaghetti using Dari Creme, Monterey Ground Pork, Purefoods Tender juicy Hotdogs Jumbo and Magnolia Cheezee, Flower Pot Cakes made from Magnolia Devil’s Food Cake, La Pacita Graham Crackers, Magnolia Cream Cheese and Magnolia All Purpose Cream and the classic Chicken Tinola simplified by using Magnolia 3-way Chicken Ginger-Based. These recipes were enjoyed together with Magnolia Chocolait and La Pacit_a Oat Cookies served as snacks. The fun and talented chefs of SMPF Culinary Center under the supervision of Pamela ‘Chef Pam’ Obieta together with MDR chefs conducted the event.

What have we learn from this activity?

  • We are surprise that our kids could do it, following directions and listening attentively with the chef.
  • The kids are excited to show their skills and are easy leaners
  • They can actually cook and prepared the dishes, well the help of the finest easy to use ingredients from San Miguel
  • They had fun and eat a lot after

While the kids were busy, we parent bloggers were able to document the whole event and enjoyed snacks prepared by MDR, which included Arroz Caldo made from Magnolia 3-Way Chicken Ginger-Based and Chicken and Pulled Pork Pie using Magnolia Chicken and Purefoods Pulled Pork BBQ Pinoy Style.

What can I say……

Let’s start them young and believe that they have the capacity to take of themselves.

This is something that they can use in the future

So, make sure to watch out for the next batch of the upcoming San Miguel Purefoods Kids Kitchen Camp.


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