ISLAS PINAS: The first indoor Filipino Food and Heritage Village in the Metro is Now Open

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A while ago, I was able to visit the recently opened DoubleDragon Plaza at DD Meridian Park Macapagal Avenue corner EDSA Extension, Bay Area, Pasay City, Metro Manila.

With just a few months when it opens, different restaurant and attraction  opened as well.

It was truly amazing to be able to part of the media launch of Islas Pinas.

Islas Pinas, an indoor “Filipino Food & Heritage Village” and a new, distinct destination for both local and international guests. It will officially open to the public on June 8,2018 ( Friday).

What to expect?

Islas Pinas is designed to showcase the abundance and vibrancy of the Filipino culture, this new establishment lets guests discover, explore and experience the Philippines’s heritage sites, natural resources, hospitality and most importantly, its cuisine.

The result of collaboration between DoubleDragon Group and Chef Margarita Forés, Islas Pinas is a project that aims to inspire love for the Philippines and to cultivate patriotism by showcasing the country’s beautiful sites and diverse regional cuisines. With a seating capacity of over 700 seats in an expansive 2,500 square meter space, Islas Pinas is the perfect place to give visitors a taste of the best that the Philippines has to offer.

A Place fit for your Instagram.

ISLAS PINAS also hosts an authentic Sarao Jeepney, which for many generations became the king of the Philippine streets especially in the countryside. 

The People Behind the Project

At the helm of this project is none other than Asia’s Best Female Chef of 2016, Margarita A. Forés whose mission is to bring Filipino cuisine to global prominence. Thus, Islas Pinas is a vision coming to life for her, where Filipino food is not just on the sidelines but at the centerstage. 

It is her aim for guests to experience the Philippines with their five senses and beyond. Thus, aside from the culinary delights and a picturesque interior design worthy of Instagram posts, the venue will also feature modern and traditional cultural performances and games to ensure a fun and truly Pinoy ambiance.

Food for your Tummy

SINAG, the Tagalog word for ‘ray of light’ offers all-day Filipino breakfast favorites like our TAPSILOG (TAPa – salted beef, SInangag – fried rice and ItLOG – fried egg) and Batchoy, an Ilonggo noodle soup with pork offal, crushed pork cracklings and beef loin. 

ALAMAT or legend, tells the story of the different regions of the Philippines through its signature dishes. BILAO is coined after the woven winnowing basket where comfort snacks like pansit (fried noodles) and puto (rice cakes) are usually served, while PANADERYA offers neighborhood bakery favorites such as pan de sal and kalihim. TUSOK-TUSOK, on the other hand, offers urban street food finds like barbecue on stick, isaw (grilled chicken intestine) and kwek-kwek (fried quail eggs).  

PANULAK or beverage is where the samalamig (cold drinks with different flavors) will be available. Lastly, PAMPANG or shore will allow guests to enjoy chosen fresh catch cooked to their preference. 

All these will be available daily, without the scorching heat and pollution as the space is fully airconditioned. Located at the bustling DD Meridian Park in the Bay Area along EDSA Extension and Macapagal Avenue, Islas Pinas can be easily accessed using both private and public transportation.


DoubleDragon is near the airport and just 5 minutes away from NAIA X.  It will soon become a must visit stop over for both domestic and international tourists visiting the capital 

ISLAS PINAS is the main anchor of DoubleDragon Plaza, which forms part of the 4.8 Hectare DD Meridian Park commercial and office complex.  

ISLAS PINAS is located at the ground floor of DoubleDragon Plaza in front of Blue Bay Walk and opens at 10 am till mall closes. ISLAS PINAS  is also a perfect place for performances and events with its widespread area.

So, if you are looking for that one favorite Pinoy food of your, visit ISLAS PINAS

Let’s make tusok and sawsaw here and there

Check out their  Facebook account at ISLAS PINAS BY MARGARITA FORES


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