Is your Breath to die for ? Trilodent Gold Mouthwash ang sagot

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Confidently beautiful with a heart, Pia Wurtzbach  winning line during the beauty pageant

Confidence, a characteristic that I need on my everyday event.

Every day, I talk to a lot of people  but there are times that I feel that there is something wrong with me

Talking to a lot of people means exposing my breath for everyone to smell, eh what if kakain mo lang ng malansa or you have something that will trigger this bad breath.

I sometimes just stay away and leave immediately or go to the ladies room; brush my teeth or gargle a mouthwash to save me from embarrassment

Ayoko naman na mega daldal tapos problemado na pala ung kausap ko dahil di nya ako matiis; sorry po; di ko naman gusto mangyari yun

I tried so hard to look for  something that would help me and recently I discovered Trilodent Gold Mouthwash

Trilodent Gold Mouthwash is a product from South Korea and is now here in the Philippines

Let’s first talk about the benefits of Trilodent Gold Mouthwash

  1. Helps prevent gum diseases
  2. Refresh Breath
  3. Helps Prevent Cavities
  4. Helps Reduces stain caused by smoking and food and coffee/tea


Trilodent Gold is organic , so it is safe event for kids. There are several ingredients like

  • Propolis extract inhibits bacteria causing tooth decay, prevent gums and mouth inflammation
  • Ginseng extract helps wound and inflammation heals
  • Mulberry Root extract moisturizing, whitening, anti-oxidant, immune accelerating properties, anti-inflammatory effects
  • Allotonic helps promote healthy gums by stimulating growth of new tissue
  • Licorice Helps whitens teeth, improves sensitivity and helps reduce inflammation cause by bacteria
  • Sohpra Angustifolia Root extract skin calming effect, antibacterial effects
  • Sodium Fluoride prevents cavities and tooth decay
  • Peony Extract helps gums and oral diseases


For best result, gargle first before you brush your teeth

It was also mention that it is advisable to use Trilodent Gold mouthwash if you are planning to go to the dentist for cleaning; kasi it will help para lumambot ung mga cavities para di ka mega tiis sa tagal ng paglinis ng ngipin mo 😊

I tried gargling the night before and honestly, when I wake up; I feel a little different ( positive) compare when I brush and gargle a different brand. Don’t be shock guys, nakakaloka ung makukuha sa mouth nyo after you gargle, try spitting it sa malinaw na canister and look ang bottom, there are thing you will see and you will be amaze how Trilodent Gold Mouthwash can clean your mouth. I don’t want to post mine, hahaha kasi kakahiya.

I know that if I continue using this Trilodent Gold mouthwash, I will eventually have the a healthy white teeth and the best gum defense ever. Di na ko  “ is your breath to die for?” ang peg

I would send a bottle to my dad as well kasi his gums is deteriorating because of the medicine that he takes, nangingilo kasi ung teeth nya. 

Trilodent  Gold mouthwash was is available in Landmark and Mercury Drugstore  in 260 ml; SRP  299.75 and 12ml sachet; SRP 14.00/sachet

And you too guys, try nyo na din itong Trilodent Gold Mouthwash

Anu ba ang problem nyo at baka pwede masagot ni Trilodent Gold Mouthwash yan


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8 thoughts on “Is your Breath to die for ? Trilodent Gold Mouthwash ang sagot

  1. Wow!!! i want this momshie than can helps me to prevent gum diseases and cavities, helps me to reduce stain caused by coffee dahil coffee lover po ako at syempre gusto ko din laging fresh ang hininga ko po❤❤❤

  2. Mahilig ako momshie sa matatamis.. Napapansin ko yung teeth ko parang nagsisimula magkaroon ng cavity. Super talkative ako kaya nakakahiya pag naamoy ng kausap ko na bad breath ako kaya always akong nagtutoothbrush. Hope na makatulong ang Trilodent Gold sa problema ko.. Tnx momshie..

  3. For sure I will try this one for the family. Lahat kasi kami mahilig sa sweets plus kami ng husband ko mahilig mag coffee. Syempre kailangan natin iprotect ang teeth natin from cavities and gum diseases to have a fresh breath kaya for sure makakatulong ang tridolent gold.

  4. This is absolutely must try! Nakakatuwa kc pag may bago sa market we really wanted to try talaga, lalo na pag buong family ang makakagamit,.

  5. Usually we use gargle after brushing our teeth kasi feeling natin mas lilinis yung bibig natin. Ito pala, gargle first before brushing our teeth para lumambot at ma-lessen yung mga nakadikit dikit sa mga ngipin natin. mas mapifeel natin yung freshness lalo kapag ganun. honestly i never use gargle as my routine. Gumagamit lang ako pag na-advice lang ng dentist kasi tamad ako. Hehe but there is a person like you Ms. Lariza na talaga naman isang influencer napapaisip tuloy ako ngayon na, oo nga ano kailangan din natin pagtuunan ng pansin ang mouth natin hindi lang basta puro toothbrush lang! need natin mag invest para sa ating mabangong hininga! Thanks for sharing this, Ms. Lariza!

  6. i admit i have cavity developed noong nagbuntis ako..ganun kabilis sya dahil nga lack of calcium nako and been wanting to have a dentist visit soon. Hope to try this one momshie..concern ko din pag may kausap ako baka nag iba na hahah. Nakaka worry.

  7. In this millenial generation that physical appearance is a must, perfect flawless skin, a pretty smile is not enough, u need to have fresh lasting breath to match it all. This Trilodent mouthwash is the ultimate Answer to a more confident you especially dealing people in everyday life, everybody wants a lasting impression to remember,of course u dont want to harass anybody with unpleasing smell when u speak, More power Trilodent.

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