Insurance – A Tool in Protecting My Legacy

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I have previously mentioned that as a separated married woman, my children remains to be my only biggest “WHY” in life. Whatever I do and whatever I have, it will always be because I of them.

It is also said time and time again, that “Education is the best legacy that we can give to our children.”. I certainly agree to that but that doesn’t stop me to strive to be able to give them more than that.

With all the financial hardships and challenges that I went through life since my young age, my eyes are wide open and my thoughts are fully aware, that nothing beats being prepared for the future.

That is why it makes me feel proud that all my children are having the quality education that I can afford. Four from my brood of five have already finished their education and are now embarking on their respective careers and starting to live independently.

With just one kid left in school with just a few more years to spare, I am now able to focus my resources into the other important milestones in our lives. I have continued to acquire properties and valuables which I consider as investments and treasures that I can leave my children as my legacy when the time comes that I am called back by our Creator.

And with the course of doing that, I came across this tv commercial by Sun Life with Ms. Charo Santos.

I realized then that acquiring properties to leave as my final legacy to my children is not enough. I needed to also make sure that these legacy will be a cause of joy and pride for them and not a cause of hardships and conflict.

Properties appreciate in value over time but sadly, so is the estate tax that comes with it when the time comes that my children are set to inherit these.

Having said that, I have to make sure that when the time comes, there will be an easy and worry-free distribution of properties to my children.

How should I do this? Easy, I rely on the best financial tool that will ensure that money will be “created” if and when I pass – a Sun Life insurance.

Currently, I am in talks with my Sun Life Financial Advisor for the acquiring of my second insurance plan meant to cover the estate tax payments of all my assets/properties. By doing this, I am certain that I have got my children covered not only during my lifetime but also after.

More importantly, I am at peace knowing that the assets/properties that I so painstakingly acquired all through the years will surely be transferred to my children and not be sold at a lower value due to tax payment requirements.

They say that the greatest legacy a person has is his or her family. At this point, I am taking care of my greatest legacy by leaving them a well prepared material legacy.


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