Inax in Okada

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The Okada Manila is know for its amazing fountain, but did you know that besides that, there is something I first notice of when I visited Okada for the first time

I first step in Okada because of an event coverage, and the first thing you do or I do was to go to the powder room. Inside that ladies room/ powder room is a sophisticated toilet system.

I also saw this same toilet system in display at All Home but this time, I have tried it personally at the ladies room of Okada Manila.

But that’s not the end of the story as  the fast- rising icon of luxury in Asia, Okada Manila spoils guests with the best of dining, retail, gaming, hospitality and leisure in one exciting multidimensional property.


In the elegance of its rooms and suites, guests are drawn to the sophisticated comforts offered by INAX Satis S.  As one soaks up this smart toilet system’s thoughtful, high tech amenities, the more one will appreciate how central INAX Satis S can be, to one’s pampered existence. 

SATIS S is replete with creature comforts.   It is the world’s most compact, fully-automated tank- less toilet system, under the brand INAX, the Japanese technology expert. True to its tradition of utilizing only first rate technology and materials,  INAX on its 50th year milestone from introducing the first made-in-Japan shower toilet, continues to spearhead  innovation, inventing and reinventing smart toilet systems, producing world-first technologies, and  developing  the most  advanced sanitary ware products    that   shape the market  and enhance  living spaces.

INAX Satis S impresses with its Plasmacluster Technology with ions that kill bacteria across the surface of the bowl and eliminates odors, and Airshield Deodorizer with air current prevents the odors from escaping the bowl while it removes odors completely; its  hands-free convenience with its fully automated system, having a remote control to adjust bidet water pressure, choose between front and rear cleansing, or even opt to use dryer,  and its automatic seat and cover with a built-in sensor to open and close its lid whenever it detects the presence of a user simply amazes the indulged guest.

Another hands-free feature is competently demonstrated in its fully automatic flushing action where flushing will occur as soon as the user steps away from the toilet.

The introduction of SATIS to the world in 2001 conferred the smart toilet with a Good Design Gold Award and the recognition as “The World’s Most Compact Shower Toilet that offers Maximum Satisfaction”. The name SATIS was coined from the word ‘satisfaction’ – fully delivering its promise to offer maximum satisfaction, despite its petite size. At only 650mm from front to back, the tankless SATIS.

INAX Satis S — a showcase indeed of world class Japanese technology. A fitting complement to Okada Manila’s special brand of hospitality that wraps every guest in a cocoon of Omotenashi and Magokoro– the heart of Japanese hospitality– combined with Filipino warmth and hospitality that gives birth to an extraordinary level of service.

To know more about INAX and its fine bath products, please email and to experience a remarkable stay in the heart of Manila, reserve rooms online at or call +02 888-0777.

Will Visid Okada Manila again and I am excited not about the fountain but the ladies room


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  1. Wow!! Ang ganda pala diyan sa Okada Madam. Yung toilet, wow!!! yayamanin!! Sana makapunta diyan one of this day. hahah how i wish.

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