How to Remove Warts: Painlessly, Non-invassive Procedure

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As a mom of five, I want only the best for my children and whenever something happens to them I want the best service for them. Recently one of my children had a wart develop on my child’s hand, not really a big deal as there are myriads of ways to get it off.

So, what is a wart?

Warts are typically small, rough, and hard growths that are similar in color to the rest of the skin. They typically do not result in symptoms except when on the bottom of the feet. While they usually occur face and neck, they could also be seen on the hands and feet One or many warts may appear. They are not cancerous.

Warts are caused by infection with a type of human papillomavirus (HPV). Several types exist including: common warts, plantar warts, filiform warts, and genital warts.

For my son’s case, its Peringual warts at hand.


I search for a way to remove his warts. However most of these procedures are invasive and have a need to make cuts, this way is also a tad more painful because the doctor needs to cauterize the wart then cut it out.

And then I remember RCC Amazing Touch. In RCC Amazing Touch however, there is a less painful and less invasive procedure.

The procedure is very fast and easy, they first measure the size of the wart, then they proceed to a side room where the procedure will take place.

Afterwards the area with the wart is sterilized and small miniscule cuts will be made, the difference of these cuts though is that it is only skin deep and won’t puncture your flesh.

Lastly a special ointment will be put on the wart for 15 minutes and in the next two to three days the wart will dry up and fall off naturally. No need for unnecessary cuts and procedures to take care of you and your skin. The establishment also offers free follow-up sessions to make sure that the wart is gone forever.


This establishment is truly one that prides itself in its dedication to serving their patrons to their full and giving everybody a second option when it comes to taking care of unwanted growths on your body. The RCC Amazing Touch have multiple branches namely in SM Megamall in Pasig and other easy to locate places.

So, head on down to RCC Amazing Touch for all your wart removal needs.

For more updates and other inquiry about RCC Amazing Touch, check out their FACEBOOK PAGE


So, that’s it for now

Make sure to pay attention to your warts

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Lariza Garcia



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6 thoughts on “How to Remove Warts: Painlessly, Non-invassive Procedure

  1. Wow, ambilis mawala ng warts good thing merong ganitong procedure kasi may warts si sister and gusto nyang ipaalis na talaga. I’ll tell her right away. Thanks.

  2. Ang galing natanggal na agad and painless pa …share ko to sa mga kakilala kong my watrs din katulad ko …thankyou for sharing po madame lariza

  3. This is for real. When I visit Manila I make it sure to drop by one of RCC Amazing touch branches. I go for flat warts on my face treatment that’s the reason at age 60 I don’t look my age. Thanks to RCC Amazing Touch.

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