How to Commute to Chinatown/Ongpin?

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How to Commute to Chinatown?


Binondo is known for its tasty food and jewelry

I even purchase my wedding ring in one of the establishment located at Ongpin St.

So, here is how you commute going to Chinatown/Ongpin/Binondo


If you are coming from the South or North


The best way is to ride the LRT

*LRT can save you time and the hassle

Your Drop off point will be Carriedo Station

From Carriedo Station, turn left going to Sta Cruz Church

In front of Sta Cruz Church is the main entrance of Binondo/Chinatown/Ongpin St.

From there, a lot of establishment like food and jewelry shop are sprawling the area.

Via jeep

You can ride a jeep coming from Baclaran via Taft are if you are coming from the South

You will pass by the Sta. Cruz Church on your right and the entrance at your left


You can ride a jeep coming from Monumento via Sta. Cruz if you are coming from the North



If you are coming from the East


You can ride the LRT from Santolan and drop off will be the D. Jose Station

You can choose to transfer to LRT 1 going to Carriedo or just walk to Recto and ride a jeep going to Sta Cruz Church.

You also have the option to walk since it would only take you 10 minutes to reach Sta. Cruz Church

Via Jeep

You can ride the jeep going to Cubao via Aurora Blvd and the drop off will be in Recto

Fare depend on how far where you are coming for.


Via Private Car

If you are coming the South and North

Taft is the best route to follow

If you are coming from the East

Aurora Blvd is your best way to reach the are

Upon reaching recto, take a left at the intersection and you will reach Binondo


If you are coming from Divisoria

Take the jeep going to Recto and walk your way up to Binondo


So, that’s it guys

I hope this helps you when you plan to visit Binondo/Ongpin/Chinatown


Always be careful when you commute

Keep your belongings safe



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