How to Choose Your Laundry Shop?

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Maglaba ay di biro……

Do you remember that song?

Let’s all admit it, washing our clothes is the hardest thing to do , whether it’s hand wash or machine wash especially now na tag-ulan which makes it twice as hard.

Laundry shop are sprouting like mushroom which seems to solve our problem, but not all laundry shop are the same.

So, how do we choose are laundry shop; here are several ways or question that should be answered when deciding where we should go. 

Staff and Management

There are times that even though we wanted to have our laundry done, it’s important that we feel welcome to the shop that we are visiting. If you think about it, our laundry shop will basically become our partner because washing clothes is a long term engagement. We want to see smiling faces when we enter especially if you’re new to the area. A smiling will always make you feel at home


There should be available services that could cater to our need since we have different circumstances.

A laundry shop should be able to provide different options that could make our life easier.

Some of those service would be

  • Self –service
  • Door to Door Pick-up and Delivery
  • Rush / ASAP Express Service



Laundry shop should be able to provide affordable prices to its costumer. The regular rate would be P 65.00 per load


The venue should have enough space to move around and should be able to provide extra entertainment while waiting. Doing laundry would be more enjoyable if your stay could be as convenient as possible


It should be accessible and easy to visit from your area.


This is just my opinion and I mention this to you because I encounter a laundry shop that fits all these description.

7Folds laundry shop who is formerly known Rayne Laundry Express has three branches to cater to your needs. 7folds branches are located at

Roosevelt Branch

313D VillaAzor Building Roosevelt Avenue, Brgy San Antonio, Munoz, Quezon City ( Across BPI Family Savings Bank and beside Robinsons Bank ) Tel No: 573-0566 Cell No: 0936-8223613.

Malate Branch

2202 Chua Building, Leveriza St, Brgy 711, Malate Manila ( Behind Assumption Parish Church near corner Quirino Avenue ) Tel No: 247-3480 Cell No: 0917-7274522. 

LaSalle Branch

78 Noli St corner Fidel Reyes St, Zone 78, Brgy 708, Malate, Manila ( Behind SMDC Green Residences Taft Avenue and Beside De LaSalle University Campus Taft Avenue ) Tel No: 526-7288 Cell No: 0926-3408663 

As for the services, they have wide array of services that could cater your need

Sample, you may choose self-service but you can leave your laundry and the staff would be happy to assist it  from washing to drying without extra cost if you went home and did some household chores yourself, how that for extra service without extra charge

Note: Just make sure that you had started your washing first before leaving it to the staff for them to be able to transfer it to the drying services.

Another thing, 7folds has Wi-Fi in their premise, that’s why you can surf all you want while waiting for your laundry.

Just in case you are in a hurry, you can leave your laundry to them, just make sure to have the required kilos. Simply drop off your laundry items and you’ll get it back within a day or two. This service is priced per kilo at a minimum of 5 kilos per load. 

And if just in case you can leave your home, they do pick up and deliver as well. Pick-up and delivery services has a minimum 7 kilos of laundry. Just call or text  them

Actually the list can go and go with the services they can offer, but for other details, I suggest you visit their website and get to know the perfect laundry service for you.

Let laundry not be a problem, let it be handle wisely by choosing the right laundry shop for you.




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