How to Capture your Great Moments in Time: Grab This OPPOrtunity

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When I turned 45 yrs. old, I promise myself that I will travel and visit places in the Philippines and at least once a year, go international.

It started just a dream but eventually became a reality.

I wanted a life that I will not regret and that means enjoying life simple pleasures. While others wait for their retirement, I decided that I want to retire at the age of 45

Why 45? Before I wanted to retire at 50  and hopefully take a different role; a grandmother but my children are not yet married and I also realize that here I am planning to take another role and yet; I haven’t done anything for myself

Here is  a short story of my life. I am the eldest in the family which also means that I am also one of the breadwinner. I tried to play the perfect daughter, helping my parents raising up my siblings and helping in the finances as well.  I also tried to be the best Ate , sending my siblings to school. When I got married, I tried to be the perfect partner. And when I got separated; I tried my best to be the perfect mom to my kids; providing them all their needs by working in a corporate company by day and having a stall at a night market at 6 pm till 12 midnight.

I realize that I haven’t done anything for myself and thinking another role to play was my next step. I thought of my mom who died and didn’t experience any adventure in life because she focuses on helping my brother and it hit me; I don’t want to grow old regretting that I could have done this and that

I have a choice and that choice is , for the next five years of my life which start at the age of 45 till I reach 50; I will travel. Every month, I go  out of town and once a year I will go out of the country.

I was able to visit Calaguas, Caramoan, Masbate, Cebu ( 3x), Bohol, Davao ( 3x), Iloilo, Bacolod, Baler Aurora, Baguio, Batangas, Tanay, Pangasinan, Albay, Camarines Norte ( 4 towns), Subic, Singapore/Malaysia ( 2016) and Vietnam/Cambodia/Thailand (2017) and will be travelling to Taiwan this 2018 in November.

Some of my travel here  are through travel groups, we call ourselves; the weekend warrior because we do this during weekends. My companions are normally younger group who work on call centers and needed a break on their work.

I still remember that first time that I joined a travel group; I was the only senior member and they thought that I would be a KJ ( killjoy) since I was quite during the entire time that we travel

But after the end of the adventure, they are so clingy to me and want to be part of their next adventure travel once again. And the reason for that is because of my OPPO F3 S, yes, my mobile phone which eventually became our official camera from then on.

I didn’t know that they  would adore the shots made by my OPPO. Lukang luka ako sa kanila na every time there’s a good spot in the venue, they ask for a selfie shot with my mobile phone.  And when I say ready guys, they would come running and join me sa mga group shots. My OPPO F3 S has became my icebreaker and became our official camera when ever we go out of town for some adventure.

They also have a mobile phone of their own but they really love the outcome with my OPPO F3 S.  Everyone downloaded their share it app and during our trip going home, they pass around my OPPO F3S and get the photo that they like.  I love going out with those kids that whenever time permits, I joined them. Life is full of adventure and making memories and I thank my OPPO F3 S for making sure that these memories are caught in time.

Kahit ang dami namin, groupie na naka wide lang si OPPO, oks na

Official Camera sa Calaguas, ang saya di ba, nakikita nila kung san sila pupwesto, groupie kaya nakawide mode sya. Lahat kami nakakasama sa picture, no one is left behind 🙂


This was taken sa Batangas, busi sila sa swimming , so ako na muna, selfie mode na wide angle yan

I was in Batangas last month and I have no one with me , pero no worries, kasi my OPPO got me covered, ako lang mag isa, set up ko lang ang timer, di obvious na wala akong kasama, check out my photos.


This was taken sa Cambodia, eh wala ung kapatid ko, so tripod and my OPPO F3 S, since kita ko naman kung san ako pupwesto, ganda ng shot ko


Now, I don’t bring any DSLR or my compact point and shot camera when ever I travel because I know that with just my OPPO F3 S plus my tripod, I would be able to capture good memories of my travel.

Actually di lang naman sya sa travel ko nagagamit, pati na din sa mga event that I attend, para di na makaistorbo, I just set up my OPPO sa tripod and with the help ng timer, oks na , picture perfect na ( di halata na wala akong kasama) hahahahahaha

I have this friend na pag nasa event nya kami, sasabihin nya, ilabas na ang pang selfie, it means, groupie na kami, eh they want to see kung anu itsura nila agad tapos ang dami naming, so nakawide ang mode ko sa aking OPPO

So this is my advice to you guys, if you want to capture your memories go ka na sa OPPO, like this one. Nasa Davao ako nya, and no one was around para mag shot sa kin, it was just my OPPO and my tripod and timer, Nakita ko na agad ang result kasi nakaselfie mode tapos wide sya. This was Garden of Eden in Davao.

Simple lang why I love my OPPO, it may not be the latest model but I treasure it kasi madami na kaming pinagsamahan, I love bringing it sa mga adventure ko and even sa mga events ko. I will won’t tell you about its specs but I will share to you that it never let me down. I can have the perfect picture alone or with friends ng walang hassle kasi with the selfie mode na wide, I can immediately see the shot that I want even before mag click pa sya. I don’t need my DSLR anymore, I have my OPPO with me always maski pa sa mga video coverage ko and interviews. 64GB sya kaya I had a lot of memories na kaya nyang icapture. Mobile phones are everywhere but if you find the one that you suits you best and known your real need, di mo na bibitawan pa yan, just like my OPPO, my friend, my companion sa mga adventure ko , ang aking ice breaker sa mga travel with others.


So that’s it guys, hope you can have the OPPOrtunity na own your own OPPO for life. If you want to experience what I had, then go na guys, get your own OPPO na. 

And if you want to get your own OPPO, I might be able to help you, ay mali ; si OPPO pala ang mag help dahil they are giving you a chance to own your own OPPO with their anniversary sale. May chance ka pa to win prizes, so check it out na

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