How to be a Fit Kid? Join the Robinsons Supermarket Fit Kid 2018: Back to School Promo

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When my son EJ was in his younger years, he was one of the smallest in their class

As mom, I was so concern that I might not be giving him the right nutrients for him to be healthy and grow taller

Through the years, I gave him all the food that he wanted to eat when he wanted to eat which eventually give me the result that I want, technically he is bigger than me already

The problem I am facing now is how to make him fit.

EJ is 18 yrs. old and our goal now is for him to be fit and to do that, we have made some changes in our lifestyle

First, we shift to eating healthy meals at home and even when he’s on school

I make sure to purchase healthy snacks from Robinsons Supermarket and other fresh ingredients that he now personally chooses and cook

Second, we added physical activity on his everyday routine. He does running and he walks around the school instead of riding a tricycle. Hopefully we could achieve the goal that we wanted. Right now, he as slimmer than before and I too shift my lifestyle for him

I know that kids now a day are more into gadgets and miss the fun of playing outside or doing stuff that we on our time find engaging not only in mind but in body as well which lead me back to Robinsons Supermarket

As of May 1,2018 ;Robinsons Supermarket launches Fit Kids 2018. Fit Kid 2018 is their back to school promo. The campaign was officially launched in a campus gym inspired event held at Robinsons Novaliches, Q.C. Kids and their families celebrated wellness by testing their physical and mental skills as they played dodgeball, Kinect Sports, arcade basketball, giant board game, and giant sungka for a chance to win instant prizes.

I may have my son with me but my niece and I really enjoy the event. We had lots of fun trying out all the fun activities at the event. It was a test of wit and energy to finish it and win.



How to join and Why Fit Kid 2018

Customers will get a P100 discount coupon when they purchase Php3,000 worth of grocery items, inclusive of Php350 worth of participating products from Nestle, Wyeth Nutrition, Mead Johnson Nutrition, CDO Foodshpere, Inc., and Purefoods-Hormel.

The Fit Kids: Back-to-School Promo also aims to help schools prepare for another exciting year. Customers who purchase Php350 worth of participating products will get an e-voucher which they can use to vote for a school who will receive a set of prizes at the end of the promo.

Each e-voucher is equivalent to 1 vote and votes garnered by the schools will be converted into their choice of prizes which include drum & lyre showcase, musical instruments, basketball and volleyball equipment, computer showcase, school armchairs, kitchen showcase, and sports clinic. Voting can be done at Robinsons Supermarket’s official website.

The partner schools include Alabang Elementary School, Balingasa Elementary School, Dela Paz Elementary School, Manggahan Highschool, Manuel A. Roxas Highschool and St. James Academy. Students from these schools were also present at the kick-off event for a mini-Olympics to determine the “Fittest Kid”. Winners took home prizes from Robinsons Supermarket and their partners.

Robinsons Supermarket celebrates its wellness commitment by creating fun activities that promote healthy family bonding. Find out more about Robinsons Supermarket’s wellness campaign and other activities at their official website at or like their Facebook page at


Not being personal but I am rooting for Dela Paz Pasig Elementary School which is near our home.

Do check out Fit Kids 2018: Back-to-School Promo at Robinsons Supermarket nearest you and support your school. There are so many prizes for the school to gain and every point count not mention that your kids will enjoy the activities that Robinsons Supermarket had prepare for the whole family.

To learn more and support a school of your choice, visit to learn more!

Help your child be fit and help the school have their wish

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  1. My kid is quite healthy too so this event is going to help her a lot to lose some weight and most importantly have fun with other kids.

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