How the Millennial Ideal Workspace Looks like

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Do you still remember how your workspace looks like back in the 90s?

I used to work in a big corporate company after I graduated in the 90s

I could say that I could consider myself lucky that the management is so keen on giving us a workspace that would be comfortable for us to work in.

I used to have a room of my own, with the cabinet that I needed and a chair that would be comfortable to sit in for the entire day to do my paper works

I also have a table that has the size that is fit for the kind of work that I do

In total, I could say that the management is keen on giving us the comfort so that we could work productively

But it was a long time ago, I guess; my set up could be considered by millennials as old fashion

But just how does a millennial ideal workspace look like?

Here are some of the ideas that might help you visualize the ideal workspace for millennial looks like

  • The modern office space is flexible.
  • The modern office space is responsive.
  • The modern office space is diverse.
  • The modern office space is well-designed.

In total, millennials require more than just a desk and chair; they need space that can easily adapt to the need at hand – whether it is for them to prevent external distractions, or to create a space that would be conducive for collaboration and the free flow of ideas

Meeting the needs of millennials are ergonomic, functional, and cool office furniture pieces from some of the multi-awarded European furniture brands housed in BOOGI. One particular brand that stands out is Actiu, one of the most innovative Spanish furniture brands that have been consistently receiving awards in its home country and across Europe.

Banking on its Cool Working Space ideology, Actiu has designed workspace furniture, taking into consideration the changing individual functions and the numerous ways of collaboration. Initially implemented in their offices across the globe, the Cool Working Space business strategy eventually found its way into the design concept.

Here is some the design that might interest you

The Actiu Mobility Height-Adjustable Desk offers the combined ergonomic benefits of standing and sitting work postures. Working standing up for a few hours in the office has a proven positive effect on health and well-being – improving the capacity for concentration and productivity.

Due to the impact of technology on the new ways of working nowadays, the Actiu Twist Video Conference offers a digital meeting point where meetings or training sessions can take place. Composed of a tall table with an integrated display monitor, the Actiu Twist Video Conference is ideal for presentations, video conferences and online meetings.

The Longo Pod is known for its sound-proofing properties that allow a private space to be collaborative and acoustically isolated. Meanwhile, the Actiu eFit provides a light, contemporary, and youthful seating aesthetic. With its easy-to-customize properties, the Actiu eFit allows each user to show their distinctive characters.

The Badminton represents a great commitment to sophistication, embodied in a bucket seat and with a completely innovative design. Created by ITEM Designworks for Actiu, this armchair is an invitation to break the routine, change space and attract new moments of inspiration.

All of this item could be found at the BOOGI showroom which I visited

BOOGI is located along Arnaiz Avenue in Makati City.

830 Arnaiz Ave. (former Pasay Road)

San Lorenzo Village

1223 Makati City, Phlippines

Contact Details:

Telephone: +63 2 720 8624

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