How Do You Like Your Gelato Fix at Gelatofix BGC

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Gelato Fix BGC opens its door to the public last August 17, 2017. The Italian Artisanal gelato café located at the ground floor of BGC Corporate Center.


So how do I like my Gelato at Gelato Fix?

Gelato Gourmets from Piatti (in plates),


Toasts and cakes

Gelato Sushi


Other than gelato, Gelatofix also serves nutritious gourmet salads, rich-flavored soups, lavish mains, and to-die for beverages. For the health-conscious, there’s the Italian-inspired gourmet salads that balances off the greens with fruits and dressing, topped with a creamy scoop of Fior di Latte gelato. If you want something unique for an entrée, try the pasta selection with Portobello mushrooms, crunchy prawns, succulent squids and juicy parma ham. And for those who are looking for local flavors, Gelatofix provides an array of the best and locally curated Filipino-inspired dishes.

Internationally, the Gelatofix café chain will be available in Cambodia, Kuwait, Maldives and Qatar.


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