Homey Hostel: Make your stay in Taiwan Hassle Free

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One of the things that I do every year is to travel outside the country. I have been doing this for three years now and for this year, I went to Taiwan.

I heard a lot of good thing about Taiwan and I want to experience it myself
For four night and three days, I want to maximize my stay and be able to go around places.
Having the right place to stay is one of the key in making my stay in Taiwan, hassle free

I stayed at Homey Hostel

Homey Hostel is a place where people around the world could meet new friends and make your visit in Taiwan more interesting


Homey Hostel occupies two floor of the building and has 30 rooms available for their guest. Each room can accommodate up to ten Pax.

A double deck serves as your bunker. Each bed has their own outlet and lighting and sliding curtain for privacy.

There also locker which you can use for free and it even has an outlet inside if you want to charge your phone while you are out.

Activities you can enjoy while staying at Homey Hostel

While we basically want to go around Taiwan most of the time, Homey provides free tour during Friday and Food Tour during Monday

Free City Tour

At the top.of Elephant Mountain

The lobby also serves as a venue where you can play games with new found friends , read books, play music and they also have computers which you can use if you need to do emergency work during your vacation.

Homey Hostel provides breakfast to their guest and you can have unli coffee and tea as well. For those who want to cook, they have a kitchen equipped with pots and pans which you can use.

By the way, for those who are having a hard time getting transportation due to time arrival, you may want to check this out


It also operates at mid-night,so you don’t need to sleep in airport!

They have bikes for rent

Homey Hostel is located at 7F, No. 180, ChangAn West Road, Taipei City, Taiwan

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