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Healing that cares inspired Dr. Imelda “Meddie” Edodollon, MT, MD, NMD in going into integrative medicine – a medical approach different from the conventional one that Filipinos are used to.


During the  Holistic Media Conference, the importance of integrative medicine was discuss to give light to the aspect of going back to basic.

Dra. Meddie, who has been a medical practitioner for the past eight years, believes that integrative medicine is best approach in healing the whole person – not just the body, but the person’s mind and soul as well. Her strong desire to make a difference made her establish the Holistic Integrative Care Center (HICC), which combines the best practices of both conventional and alternative medicine on top of her compassionate approach in handling patients.

“In the field of medicine, being healthy does not mean the absence of disease. Being healthy means that one achieved a balance of everything,” she said.

According to Dra. Meddie, integrative medicine takes a holistic approach which means that everything about a patient is being treated –their mind, body and soul. It is so encompassing diagnosing a patient can take at least an hour. This field of medical science combines the use of conventional medicine, traditional medicine, herbal medicine, proper and monitored diet, lifestyle modification,

psychological analysis and many other approaches depending on the condition of a patient.

It establishes that sickness may be brought about by many factors such as medical background, emotional problems, improper diet, constant stress, mental conditions and even environmental conditions.

Dra. Meddie started practicing integrative medicine in 2012 and established HICC in 2015 to cater to the needs of clients or patients who have had long-standing, seemingly incurable illnesses which remained unresolved by standard medical practice and procedures. She spent time in studying many treatment methods and various medical institutions abroad offering alternative medical studies.

She opted to focus on HICC after personally witnessing how integrative medicine saved her father’s life after he suffered from multiple organ failure (lungs, heart and kidney failure). Like many who refuse to give up on their loved ones, Dra. Meddie searched for a cure for her father’s apparently hopeless situation. Her search led her to integrative medicine, which in turn resulted in her father’s

survival. He not only survived, but his condition improved and is still improving as of this time.

Since then, Dra. Meddie practiced integrative medicine which is governed by several international protocols. In fact, she is the only Filipino doctor who is recognized by the Gerson Institute in San Diego, California – an institution that introduces a kind of alternative therapy that cures cancer and other chronic diseases. She is also among one of the few medical integrative medicine practitioners in the Philippines, who offer patients a better quality of and a disease-free life.

For more details about HICC and how integrative medicine can change patient’s lives, please contact:

Jasper “Jay Mante” Maguiguad

HICC PR and Communications Head

0916-9175054 / 0918-4641137


Holistic Integrative Care Center

UG 11, CPT Condominiun, Calle Estacion, Brgy

And now, let’s talk about Nutriment

What is Nutriment?

Nutriment is the flagship nutrition services campaign of HICC composed of different programs promoting plant-based diet for the center’s clients.

It comes from the combination of two words:

Nutrition and Department

The Chief Chef

Chef Arlene Clemente leads HICC’s Nutriment campaign. A certified “Holistic Chef”, she finished her BA Hotel and Restaurant Management degree with cum laude honors at Baliuag University in Bulacan. She also pursued further studies in Raw Food Culinary Arts in Bali, Indonesia. Chef Arlene is passionate in her craft, and outstanding in her field earning her the lead position for HICC Nutriment.

Nutriment Projects

  • In-House Menu
  • Home Based Workshop
  • Holistic Approach Nutriment Edition

In-House Menu

  • a menu listing Nutriment’s nutritious, delicious and enticing plant-based food products that clients can consume during treatment services while within HICC premises or as takeout meals to be enjoyed at home a customized menu can be made available
  • depending on a client’s specific condition or needs, fulfilling the center’s slogan “Providing Healing that Cares” through recommended food nutrition

Home-Based Workshop

  • A specially-made workshop done in a client’s home that allows clients to learn the benefits of shifting to plant-based diets for them and their loved ones
  • HICC believes that education is the key to achieving excellent health through proper nutrition

Holistic Approach Nutriment Edition Package

Good for 1 person (Target Participants Minimum of 5 Pax) ₱1,500.00


  1. 3-5 hour workshop and discussions
  2. food supplies demo (1 recipe for one set meal – appetizer/salad, main dish and drinks
  3. recipes, manuals, complimentary apron
  4. certificate of participation

Holistic Approach Nutriment Edition Package Workshop Theme

First Sunday: Filipino Cuisine

Second Sunday: Oriental Cuisine

Third Sunday: Mediterrean Cuisine

Fourth Sunday: Western Cuisine

Fifth Sunday: Best of Both Worlds

Starts March 5, 2017 @ HICC Studio


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