Highlights of the International Children’s Day: All We Need Is Love

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I was in Davao last April 25,2018 and was honored to be invited to witness the ACQ International Children’s Day. The event was held at the KOJC Compound, Davao City. The event was truly an amazing experience from start to finish.

This article will contain the highlights of the International Children’s Day

It started with the astounding performances of street dancers from different barangays, followed by a magnificent float parade with dancers in between. The energy of those who were involve were truly remarkable. Even the heat of the scorching sun couldn’t stop them from giving their all in their performances. The floats were a sight to behold, with different characters joining in it. I truly loved the float of Moana because you could really see that it resembles the face of the Goddess Te Fiti. The colorful costumes with their headdress were all stunning. I could not find the words to describe the finale dance because it was beyond my expectation.



Truly, I felt like I was transported to Disneyland with the parade that was presented to the delight of the attendees.

International Children’s Day formerly known as National Children’s Day that started in 2005 was headed by Pastor Quiboloy. 2005 was the year that he started feeding programs, clothes donation as well as sheltering and educating the unfortunate children across the Philippines. This was when the National Children’s Day was born and celebrated.

The next year, Pastor Quiboloy took a handful of children to enjoy the wonders of Disneyland Amusement park. A thought hit him as he saw the beaming smiles of the children who he took with him, thinking “I want all children to experience the joy that these kids have this day in Disneyland.”. Sparking the idea of Sonshine Land constructed in Davao City the next year. Additionally, Pastor Quiboloy decided that his birthdate would be celebrated by the destitute children across the country, opening the park to allow them to experience the jo

y of childhood. The theme park allows these children to encounter all kids of characters with a river of food and gifts for them.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy still recalls how the kindness of others had helped his family through hardship and he said that this amazing experience, human act of love, would always remain in a child’s memories and would change the course of his life.


A few years ago, National Children’s Day began in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Nepal, Dubai, Israel, Morocco, Turkey, the UK, Germany, Japan, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, and Russia. However, today it is reaching even the most poverty-stricken places in Africa.


After 13 years, the National Children’s Day, now called the International Children’s Day, has gone beyond the boundaries of the Philippines to all corners of the world to touch the lives of all the unfortunate children.


On April 25, Sonshine Land happens not just in Davao City, but in hundreds of places in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and around the globe all at the same time.


Sonshine Land is more than just about the park and the party, it is first and foremost about a love that made it all possible.



After the event, we were able to visit the Garden of Eden and the Glory Mountain but that’s another story.



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