Highlights of Sony Bravia OLED A1 series

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Sony Bravia expands its 4K High Dynamic Range TV line up with Bravia OLED A1 series press launch last June 4, 2017 at the City of Dreams.

TV viewing will never be the same again as Sony Philippines designed a series with exceptional brightness and higher contrast. The new Bravia TVs make the best use of 4K HDR content with the combination of their unique image processor and display device technologies.

Bravia OLED’s innovation don not end with incredible picture performance. The A1E series is the world’s first large screen TV which can emit its great sound from the screen itself. Taking advantage of the OLED’s backlight-less structure, Sony developed a new Acoustic Surface technology which can emanate sound directly from the screen itself. This allows a perfect unification of picture and sound unattainable by conventional TVs.  OLED also has wide viewing angle and offers unmatched visual and aural experience regardless of viewing position.

The new A1E series will additionally support Dolby Vision, the HDR format from Dolby Laboratories which when paired with Sony’s unique technologies further enriched the visual experience.

Picture, sound and design aesthetics-when you bring those three components together into a unified whole, you got all you need. It’s the purest one slate experience possible

Ultimately, Sony continues to bring excitement to customers through the enrichment of visual expression by incorporating a powerful mix of display device technologies with its own image processing technology.

The future of TV is Sony and the Bravia OLED; you will never look at TV the same way ever again


For more details and information, visit www.sony.net



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