Highlight at the Recent Hana Shampoo Live Con 2018

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A Hana Shampoo Live Con 2018 was recently held at Manila House in BGC last June 28,2018. Media, bloggers and other special guest were present to witness the exciting news that was announced not mention that live feeds that happen at the same time via Hana’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

The first highlight of the night is all about roses and flowers and Ms. Marian Rivera. With Marian’s love for flowers, Flora Vida by Marian was born.


Hana x Flora Vida by Marian

Flora Vida by Marian, Marian Rivera’s very own floral shop uniquely offers beautifully preserved flowers that maintain their beauty and fragrance well beyond their usual lifespan. The collaboration therefore between Hana Shampoo and Marian’s passion for flowers thru Flora Vida, was therefore a perfect match, as both offer long-lasting beauty and fragrance benefits to hair and flowers respectively.

During the #HanaShampooLiveCon, three special Hana x Flora Vida floral arrangements were presented, showcasing their beauty and fragrance for everyone to see – Twilight Roses, Nightfall Flowers, and Midnight Blooms. Their names inspired by the “’til evening” promise of Hana Shampoo for Filipina hair, and their fragrances matching the three Hana shampoo variants: Pink Roses and Berries, Spring Flowers and Apples, and Garden Blooms and Lychees.

Next is the #HANAEndOfDayChallenge

An online campaign called #HANAEndOfDayChallenge was also launched during the event. Marian Rivera personally invited everyone to try the #HANAEndOfDayChallenge for themselves and chronicle a day in their life with hair cared for by Hana Shampoo. The objective of the campaign meant for everyone to gain first-hand experience of the all-day lasting benefits of Hana and how it’s able to keep up with each one’s lifestyle despite the hair’s exposure to various elements such as the erratic weather and arduous traffic. By participating in this challenge, more and more Filipinas will finally achieve not only soft, smooth hair but also that “Amoy Marian” fragranced hair throughout the day until the evening.

Guests in attendance were given specially-made Hana End-Of-Day-Challenge Kits, which included sample bottles of Hana Shampoo and bathing products for them to easily try and post their results online.

Hana Shampoo is setting the new standards for well cared-for hair – and that’s soft and fragrant hair you can feel and smell even until the evening where it matters the most. With this benefit becoming more accessible to millions of Filipinas with the help of Hana and its products, this brand is surely poised to be the go-to hair care brand in the years to come.

My highlight of the night is winning one of the flowers handmade by Marian. The flowers will last up to 3-4 years and cost around 3,500.00 plus my own box of End-of Day- Challenge Kit.

Flora Vida by Marian

Hana End-Of-Day-Challenge Kits,

I would definitely would like to try this challenge and see the outcome.

Do stay tune and see the final result with me.




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