Hana Shampoo has a New Packaging Design

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Hana Shampoo relaunched its line of Soft and Smooth variants today Aug. 15,2017 at Makati Diamond Residences in Makati . Hana Shampoo is  available in three wonderful fragrances — Pink Roses and Berries, Spring Flowers and Apples, and Garden Blooms and Lychees.

Hana combines the alluring fragrance of flowers and the freshness of fruits in each of those variants, guaranteed to provide long-lasting fragrance on hair all day. Moreover, each bottle now comes with artistically rendered designs meant to visualize the wonderful nature-inspired fragrance notes one can enjoy upon each use of Hana shampoo.

No other than the beautiful Marian Rivera was present during the event. Marian has been the brand ambassador of Hana Shampoo for more than a year and she is happy that Hana Shampoo still trust her to be their endorser.

The new Hana Shampoo TV commercial features the always beautiful Marian Rivera, who has bloomed even more as a wife and mother. In the commercial, she turns heads as she walks the streets from daytime to evening. Just like all other Filipinas, every day she is exposed to the sun, heat and pollution but with her soft, fragrant and lovely hair, passers-by can’t help themselves but be drawn to her effortless beauty and hair that’s parang bagong shampoo always.

I had been using Hana Shampoo for some time now. I actually received some samples before and it was the start of my hair journey with Hana Shampoo. I was happy with the product  primarily because of the smell it emits, it was fresh and I was always on the run the whole day and appreciate that it the smell last longer. It gives me the confidence to mingle with other people knowing that my hair still smells fresh even after the long hours of exposure from the sun and dust.

Congratulation Hana Shampoo for your new vibrant packaging.  Hana Shampoo is available in your leading grocery and supermarket nationwide.

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