#GoTheExtraSmile for a Kid :Be a Foster Parent

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Walang katumbas na kaligayan ang makarinig ka ng halakhak ng isang bata
Nakakatunaw ng puso ang Makita ang kanilang mga ngiti
At dahil sa mga ningning sa kanilang mga mata kasabay ng mga halakhak, lahat ng bagay at paraan ang ginagawa natin para marinig at makita ang kanilang saya.

I have five kids of my own and they had grown up to be what a mother could wish for, a responsible adult.

I was actually telling them to give me grand children because I miss to hear those sound that are music to my ear, those laughter.
And since I don’t have grandchildren, I decided to become a foster parent
I have four foster child , all boys and recently adopted my niece recently.

Di naman kailangan na kadugo mo , para ituring mong anak ang isang bata.
I believe that extending your love to those who need it , is a responsibility of a human being.

Dhandrew and Gabriel came to our lives when they are four and two yrs old and  I always bring them with me on events

The twins, Jose and John were given to us, when they are two months old

We don’t have much to offer but our love and time to make sure that they felt loved always.




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