Good Grind for the Best Coffee Experience

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Breville® Philippines takes coffee grinding to the next level with Smart Grinder™ Pro

How do you like your coffee? Do you want it pressed or poured-over? Perhaps, do you like preparing it hand-dripped or brewed to perfection?


Coffee, for most, is the morning wake-up call that pulls them out of the bed, and they have different ways to enjoy it. Some people on the go would never missed their old reliable French press in their morning routine while hurrying off to their work. For those who have time to enjoy the morning calm, pressed coffee is the best way to start their day. Adventurous spirits go for aeropress for that strong cup of morning java. An espresso-based coffee is that reward after a grueling meeting, or for just when you want to catch up with friends.

However you want your coffee, nothing beats preparing a cup (or two) using quality, freshly-roasted coffee beans that is ground right using Breville® Smart Grinder™ Pro. The Breville® conical burr grinder uses Dosing IQ technology, which allows for automatic adjustment on the dose whenever you change the grind. It has 60 different settings — from the coarsest to the finest grind — that allows coffee enthusiasts to maximize the flavors of their favorite brew. Whether you need cups for French press or shots for espresso, the Smart Grinder Pro gives you the right dose for your coffee needs.

“The type of grinder is very important because of the blades, the settings. The thing I like about this Breville Smart Grinder, it’s very easy to set. It’s digital, it shows you with the icon for espresso all the way to a plunger,” shares Michael Asuncion of Silca Coffee Roasting Company, a homegrown coffee company.

Founded by Enrile M. Asuncion in 1996, the coffee company was initially named Jamica, an acronym based on the names of his three children, Jackie, Michael and Carolyn. The founder’s coffee journey can be traced back in 1970s when Enrile and his wife Evelyn began exporting Philippine coffee worldwide, under the Evrile Enterprises. Soon, the company became one of the largest coffee exporters in the Philippines. In 1983, the couple founded Silca Trading in Bellevue, Washington to import the finest coffees from all over the world.


Today, Silca has several products under its belt, including Silcafe (with its seven popular blends of Farmer’s Brew, House Blend, Breakfast Blend, Blend No. 3, Espresso Blend, Mountain Fresh and Silca Reserve), and Kickstart, the premium blends made from locally-sourced coffee beans from coffee farms throughout the Philippines.


While coffee lovers have different preference to heighten their drinking experience and appreciation, Asuncion strongly believes that a good experience boils down to using the best coffee that have been naturally grown and harvested.


“The important factors for the coffee experience are: first, the coffee. There are many origins, many blends out there, and many types. Choose the coffee that you love. Make sure that you have good equipment that can extract the coffee well, that can grind the coffee well. Second, make sure to use clean water. Coffee is made of 90 percent water. Lastly, get the right proportion of the ingredients to have a good coffee,” he shared.


Believing that a good-quality grinder needs to have the best coffee beans for that deliciously memorable coffee experience, Breville® Philippines and SilCa Coffee Roasting Company have been partners to educate people on coffee and give the best coffee experience. This month, Breville® and Silca take the love of coffee to every Filipino homes.


For every purchase of the Breville® Smart Grinder Pro, paired with the Breville Compact Kettle, lucky buyers will receive a special discount and a gift set of 400g Kick-Start Coffee Beans and a one-cup French Press if they purchased the items from select Rustan’s stores, or two packs of 250g Kick-Start Coffee Beans if they purchased from select True Value stores. The promo runs until July 31, 2017.




Breville® is exclusively distributed by IAJ Wellness Corporation and available in all leading appliance and specialty stores nationwide. To know more about Breville® products, visit or



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