Globe SEA-US Cable Commercial Launch

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Globe Telecoms commercially launched today the 250 million dollar Southeast Asia-United States (SEA-US) submarine cable system which provides direct links between Davao and the United States for richer and enhanced international connectivity for businesses in Mindanao and the rest of the country. The event was held at the Globe Tower and was graced by government officials, VIP guest, partners and media.



The SEA-US cable system is connected to Globe cable landing station in Brgy. Talomo, Davao City which is also houses the Power Feed Equipment necessary to run the system. Outside of Luzon, the undersea cable is the first direct connection of Globe to the United States via Guam, Hawaii, and California, offering faster transmission of data to the US.

The facility also completely bypasses the Taiwan earthquake zone to ensure continuity of service and greater resiliency. This is expected to prevent a repeat of a 2006 incident where major international cable were broken because of the Taiwan earthquake, resulting in the isolation of the Philippines for a few days in term of internet connectivity

The 14,500 kilometer SEA-US international cable system uses the latest 100 gigabits per second transmission technology to deliver an additional 20 terabits per second capacity. Such additional capacity will cater to the exponential growth of bandwidth between the two continents.

The system was built by a consortium of 7 international telecommunications companies and link five areas and territories that include Manado (Indonesia), Davao( Philippines), Piti ( Guam), Oahu ( Hawaii, United States), and Los Angeles ( California, USA).

Aside from forming part of the SEA-US consortium, Globe is also a member of an international consortium of telecommunications and technology companies operating the Southeast Asia-Japan Cable (SJC). SJC is an 8,900 kilometer cable system linking seven territories that include Brunei, mainland China, Hongkong, Japan, Singapore and Philippines, including the option to link with Thailand. The cable infrastructure is currently being upgraded to bring an increase of 6.5 tb/s capacities with the state of the art 100G technology.

Globe Telecom has also made investments in the East Asia Cable System (EAC), Asia Pacific Cable Network-2 (APCN2, Tata Global Network-intra Asia Cable system (TGN-IA, the City to city cable system (C2C) and is interconnected with major Trans-Pacific Cable systems that encompass the Unity, Tata Global Network-Pacific (TGN-P) and the Japan-US Cable Network (J-US).


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