Give the Gift of Colgate Smile this Season With Colgate Christmas Toothpaste

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It’s the season to smile, Christmas is almost upon us again and with it the holiday cheer. Now despite the current circumstances we’re facing due to the pandemic caused by the CoVid-19 virus across the globe, we Filipinos have adapted and didn’t let this lower our spirits. What do we do a lot of during the holiday season? We eat a lot and we don’t stop eating until the first day of the new year, we celebrate the life of Christ and the gift of another year to come. As such taking care of our teeth to be able to enjoy the non-stop eating is important, and even on a normal day brushing our teeth three times a day is beneficial to our teeths health as well as fends of bad breath that can be caused by bacteria in the mouth.

When it comes to making a great first impression on new people you interact with putting your best foot forward is important, and in most cases you draw the most attention to your teeth, so this coming Christmas give the gift of a clean, confident, and fresh smile to your loved ones. Colgate has come up with new products that puts the spirit of Christmac into it, with its all new limited edition Christmas themed toothpaste.

The new Colgate Merry toothpaste boasts of a “Merry Mint” flavor that you can only get during the holiday season, aside from the toothpaste, Colgate is also introducing a new line of Bamboo made toothbrush in a bid to reduce the plastic waste that can be produced from discarded toothbrushes.

This Bamboo Charcoal toothbrush is a perfect match to the environmentally conscious friends and loved ones we have, shifting from plastic to bamboo yourself would be a favor to you and our planet.

What’s a perfect teeth brushing routine without a mouthwash, the Colgate Plax serves you well by cleaning places that your toothbrush can’t reach, leaving your mouth feeling fresh and clean from bacteria. When you buy these products you are also eligible to join the #SmileStrong promo of Colgate, you can win yourself a Noche Buena package worth more than Php 2000 as well as giving another family in need of a Noche Buena Package.

When buying these Colgate products for your loved ones, don’t forget to buy yourself a set as well, so you can share a wonderful smile with everyone you love. You can find all these Colgate products on their official site on Shopee, you can search them up on your internet browser or you can download the Shopee app on your phone through the Google Playstore or Apple App Store. Colgate has brought millions of people wonderful smiles throughout the years of their establishment, and once again a gift of a beautiful smile is what they deliver this year.

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