Get your Freshly Baked Bread Everyday at Studio Bake

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The sun is shining and is starting to peer into your bedroom, and you wake up looking for something to eat. This is the situation every morning, and every morning you get up and make your breakfast, and you notice that you’ve been eating the same thing for the last week. The next best thing to fried rice, eggs, bacon and whatever you like for breakfast is a hot cup of coffee and freshly baked bread from Studio Bake.

Studio Bake officially open its branch to share their freshly bake bread every day.


Studio Bake is a business that has been established for 20 years and they pride themselves for having freshly baked goods created from scratch, from kneading to baking and start their process from the time of sunrise. They have been a family run business that has been run by the family giving it a cozier feeling when buying from there. They also offer all types of bread, from your average Filipino baked goods to artisanal baked goods. Their employees are as driven as are they talented and wish to be able to continue keeping their customers full and happy.

“We at Studio Bake love it when our customers walk out of the store with big bags of bread and big smiles. We are committed to bringing them the best service and the freshet, most delicious bread that is easy on the budget and can be enjoyed daily.”, this is their goal. They want to be able to be available for everybody, to continue with their service and continue to improve on it. At Studio Bake their customers are why they continue to strive for perfection.

 Don’t you think 20 years are enough to prove why they are worthy of your patronage.

I so love their pulled pork bun


So, check them out at the Upper Ground, Expansion Wing, Festival Mall, Alabang and keep your tummy full and your smiles as bright as the sun.

Share with me what your favorite is and hope to have a cup of coffee with you when I drop by at the Alabang area.

Thanks, you and till next time


Lariza Garcia



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4 thoughts on “Get your Freshly Baked Bread Everyday at Studio Bake

  1. ..mukhang yummylicous lahat madame lariza ..nkakatakam nkakagutom …
    Tapos sabayan pa ng coffee ( im a coffee lover )ayy bongga na walang katulad ..

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