Get Vice Cosmetics: ANNEleash your GANDA for as low as P195 exclusive only from Shopee on October 19-22

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Gandang ganda sa sarili, a familiar line often heard from one of the most famous comedians in our country today, Vice Ganda, this line became so famous that she named her concert held way back 2015. Vice Ganda is a comedian most commonly known for her absurd antics and roasting her contemporaries to bring the crowd to a boistering laugh. The successful comedian in recent years has created a wave with her success in the TV industry, and the movie scene with popular movies such as Praybeyt Benjamin and The Super Parental Guardians, this along with her booming make-up business.

Along with Vice’s popularity as a celebrity she has proved to be a capable business-person when she released a line of make-up products that have found success for their quality despite its affordability. The Vice Cosmetics was founded on Vice’s desire to deliver products to everyone, and bring this vision to life “GANDA FOR ALL! That’s what Vice Cosmetics is all about.

Gandang kavogue, gandang phenom, gandang kering-keri, all kinds of pretty. We believe everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful no matter the age, no matter the gender, no matter the shape, no matter the class, no matter the color.

That’s why we make the finest cosmetics accessible to all.”. Vice Cosmetics has started offering their products online through Shopee and with the advent of the brand’s partnership with Anne Clutz a YouTube makeup content creator who gained her following for teaching simple techniques to perfect the makeup look, and even her bold and honest reviews of products, they have decided to offer their products at a discount for a limited time, the discount will be available until October 22 this Thursday.

They are offering products such as the Anne Clutz Gel Liner in both the Soft look and Intenz look to give your lash line that pop of color to embolden your eyes. They also have the Anne Clutz Lip Glozzz that gives your lips the juicy and kissable look, without all the stickiness you get from other Lip Gloss products. These are among a few of the products that Vice Cosmetics released together with the YouTube creator Anne Clutz.

Anne Clutz Gel Liner in Soft Lang
Anne Clutz Gel Liner in Intenz

You can get yourself these products as a nice gift, or give it to a loved one to show how much you appreciate them being in your life, give them the gift of confidence with these affordable makeup that you can get at an even more affordable price.

You can find the Vice Cosmetics Shop on Shopee using your browser or by downloading the Shopee app through Google Playstore and the Apple Appstore. There is no reason for you not to get your own Vice X Anne products and give yourself a confidence boost that can blow anything away, all at a more handy price.

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