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Fashion is ageless, with each person having their own way of styling and dressing themselves the clothing industry has catered to tastes of different individuals. The company Forever 21 has left their own mark in introducing their brand as a company that offers trendy and fashionable clothing items.


With Forever 21 being a clothes retailer the brand used to rely on physical shops, and due to this they have taken a huge hit in the number of customers they have served due to the ongoing pandemic, the lockdown, and quarantine that has prevented the opening of most malls aside from supermarkets in accordance with the social distancing protocols set by the government.


The quarantine has forced people to stay within their homes and created a wave of unprecedented stress among other problems. One thing people did to cope with the stress of feeling like prisoners in their own homes is by going to online shops to buy things that they find comforting, many buy food, gadgets, shoes, and of course clothes they plan on wearing on their first day out once the situation improves.


Following this upward trend of online shops Forever 21 has adapted their plan of approach to their customers, they too have gone online and partnered up with one of the most famous online shopping platforms right now, Shopee.


Forever 21 has set up a wonderful collection of clothes on their catalogue, and being a woman with daughters in their twenties, I can’t help but look at all of the stylish and trendily designed clothes that I would love to buy for my daughters. Within their catalog a few selections caught my eye, the Women’s basic cropped hoodie is the perfect stylish outerwear for my daughters during the coming cold months that has started to show itself lately, it’s been very chilly that I rarely even use my air-conditioning unit at home, this selection would be a great gift for any girl out there. While most mother’s would ask their children to dress more conservatively, I find that it inhibits my daughters from expressing themselves through the clothes they wear and so I encourage them to dress in a way that fits their taste and fashion sense, as such the Women’s Plaid Crop Top caught my attention almost immediately, slapping it together with high-waisted jeans that even I wore in my younger years is a beautiful homage to the old with the new.

Clothes are an important part of expressing yourselves these days, and with the world progressing to more liberal and accepting of clothing not seen as modest from years back, Forever 21 is a brand that is able to supply the demand of such styles of clothing for the youths of today, a match of technology and fashion to empower our children in their everyday lives.


You can find the Forever 21 shop through searching for it on Shopee using your browsers, or you can download the Shopee app if you still haven’t through your phones using the Google Playstore or the Apple Appstore. Find your own style and live a life as dazzling as the stars with Forever 21.


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