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The fashion industry today is dominated by fast fashion clothing brands that offer style all while being affordable.

The market for clothing has never been this large and fast, but on the other hand, the fast fashion that these brands are introducing have caused the world of fashion to become narrow.

The clothes that they offer are dictated by trend, with one brand selling similar to almost copies of other clothing brands. The individuality of a person has been limited to what’s trendy nowadays. A clothing brand that sought inspiration from Japanese culture, aptly named INSPI, decided that they wouldn’t go with the current status quo.

INSPI which was inspired by the Japanese values that are upheld in modern Japan to this day, the “Positive, polite, clean, honor, hard working, respectful culture” that comes directly from their understanding of the past and today’s culture.

INSPI has created a number of design lines that have truly embodied these values, recently INSPI has partnered up with Disney to create a collaboration line between the two brands, the INSPI x Disneyline.

The INSPI x Disney line features designs of the iconic mouse that has rocked the worlds of many children and children at heart. With shirts like the Disney Mickey Mouse Abstract which offers a fun and artistic presentation of the beloved mouse, the cute but artistic graphic tee is sure to be enjoyed by anyone who wears it.

They also have a classic take on the graphic tee with their Disney Mickey Mouse Varsity Graphic Tshirt, with the design that gives you a classic feel for your outfit that still shouts youth despite it’s classic design.

Another piece that they have is the Disney Mickey Mouse Anchor Graphic Tshirt, this design is inspired by the original sketches of the early Mickey Mouse, this shirt pays homage to the original with it’s sketch design that inspires creativity and ingenuity.

For the women out there, they also made a minimalist design that can be easily paired up with your outfit, with the Disney Vintage Minnie Mouse Graphic Tshirt, with it’s black motif and colorful lettering.

INSPI is the perfect gift to give this coming Christmas for the person in your life who wants to keep that youthful shine in his or her life, all the while keeping their individuality intact and fully expressed.

You can find INSPI on their online shop that can be found on Shopee, you can find the official INSPI shop by searching them on Shopee through the browser, or you can download the Shopee App if you still haven’t through Google Playstore and the Apple Appstore. INSPI is partnering up with Shopee to bring a wonderful sale of up to 47% off on the INSPI x Disney collaboration that they made, grab yourself or your loved ones and friends a wonderfully designed Graphic Tee that will surely bring a smile to their faces for a much lower price.

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