Get up to 20% off on Beach Hut products during Shopee’s Beauty and Health Fair from Aug 30 – Sept 1

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With the glaring sun beating down our weary skins despite the highly anticipated Ber-months that usually usher in colder weather and the rainy season, the sun continues to bear down on our skins and gives sun burns that can cause uneven skin tones as well as pain from areas affected by sun burns.


The Philippines is a tropical country found near the Equator of the Earth which causes the country to experience higher temperatures on average, as such the Filipino people have evolved to adapt to the intense heat that we experience in our daily lives.


However, despite this evolutionary trait we cannot ignore the fact that the glaring heat is very damaging and dangerous to the people, where in extreme cases cancer of the skin can develop. The usage of sun screens or sunblocks becomes very important for the safety of our skins from over exposing us from the excessive UV rays that the sun produces, Beach Hut Sunblock is a brand of sunblock that has been around the Philippines for over a decade, they were first introduced in 2006 as the very first sunblock that was in spray form.

Beach Hut Sunblock offers a variety of sunblocks with different SPF protection values that can cater to different skin types and degree of usage, from your everyday walks outside to your beach vacations in the white sand beaches of Boracay, La Union, and the many other beautiful beaches found in our country. Beach Hut offers products such as the Beach Hut MAX SPF100++ Sunscreen which boasts a quick drying, non-sticky feel to the skin when applied, they offer the Beach Hut Max 100++ SPF Ice Summer Aerosol for the people who want to avoid the hassle of applying sunscreen lotion, they can enjoy a nice even application in 20 seconds or less, they also offer products that help in getting you that nice and even golden glow tan that you’ve been wanting with the Beach Hut Tanning Dry Oil that includes Moroccan Argan Oil to aid as a special tanning agent which gives you that nice glow.


Beach Hut Sunblock is the brand you can lean on when buying your sunblocks, tanning oils and other types of skin products that aims to protect your skin from the intense rays of the sun.


Beach Hut Sunblock can be found on Shopee using your browsers using this link, or using the Shopee App that can be downloaded on your phones from the Google Playstore or Apple Appstore.


Beach Hut Sunblock in partnership with Shopee will be participating in the Beauty and Health Fair from Aug 30 to Sept 1, Beach Hut will be offering a discount of up to 20%. Preparation is the key to avoiding disaster, and by buying the products of Beach Hut you are making sure that the worse does not come to happen for your skins, even despite the coming rainy season it is better to be safe than sorry.


Come and get your own bottle of protection this coming Beauty and Health fair, with a wonderful discount on top of protecting your skins there is no reason to not grab a few bottles for yourself, or for your family and friends.


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