Get Discount by Moving through ManulifeMove

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ManulifeMove by Manulife was officially launched last Jan 13, 2015 at WhiteSpace Makati. Guest, media and partners graced the said event.

ManulifeMove is an innovative program that rewards customers with discounted premiums for living a more active lifestyle. The new approach to insurance is designed to appeal to an increasingly tech-savvy customer base, who is conscious about staying active and healthy

Imagine, you get more discount just by being active which is actually should be part of your everyday routing.

Video coverage of the event

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Manulife Philippine brand Ambassador Richard Yap
Manulife Philippine brand Ambassador Richard Yap

Get reward by just being active, I even won a prize for myselfP_20160113_061554_1_p

ManulifeMove members are able to measure various activity indicators with the use of fitness trackers synched with the ManulifeMove app on iOS or Android devices. Progress can be tracked over time through a number of steps or movements they make when they walk, run or engage in other activities other physical activities

A ManulifeMove member can earn premium discounts simply by staying active. With an average of 5K steps each day, a member can receive a 5% premium discount for the next year of their eligible policy. By moving more, members can get higher discount on their premiums: % to 10% savings can be earned by achieving an average of 7K and 10K steps per day respectively, subject to applicable terms and conditions of the program

ManulifeMove members can access tips on how to stay active and healthy through the ManulifeMove app which is available on iOS and Android


For more information about ManulifeMove, visit any Manulife branch, call Manulife Customer Care at (02) 884-7000. Monday to Friday, 8-5 pm or send an email to


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