Gaz Lite’s LPG BBQ Grill, Your perfect partner to your samgyupsal : Available at Shopee

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In recent years, the Korean wave otherwise known as Hallyu has washed over the Philippines with it’s reach washing all over the world, from their famous Kpop Idols like BTS, Seventeen, Red Velvet, Blackpink, Twice and many more idols that have garnered a large following which even have their own unique names for the idols that they support, which people have come to call as Fandoms.


Not only has their music become popular in our country as well as others, but even more so their Kdramas which people have started eating up especially during this quarantine where one looks to Netflix or other similar streaming sites for their entertainment. Filipinos known to love their telenovelas also added to the large reason why Kdramas became a very big thing in the country.


Along with these Kdramas came the culture of their food, and one specific food that swept through the whole country would be the samgyupsal, or pork belly. The samgyupsal is commonly cooked over a metal plate with charcoal to provide the heat to cook the pork. Making use of charcoal to cook the samgyupsal that you got chilling in the fridge that you bought due to all the cravings that you got from watching those romance inducing Kdrama of your own preference is not a very efficient way of cooking in the comfort of your own homes however.


There would be a better choice for your homes, the butane burner is an option that would fit better for the home setting. Knowing this you would believe that the butane burner would be the best thing to get to grill the luscious fatty pork you have, but butane in comparison to propane has a shorter shelf life which isn’t ideal for keeping for long periods of time. Gaz Lite has the answer to this problem, Gaz Lite’s LPG BBQ Grill is the perfect partner to your samgyupsal mukbang alongside the Kdrama marathon that you planned for the night.


The Gaz Lite BBQ Grill’s design ensures that the food you cook on it is evenly done with a very ingenuitive scheme of heat distribution, its stainless steel metal plate for ensuring food quality, a U-shaped burner ensures even and uninterrupted distribution of flame during your cooking session, you won’t have to worry about undercooking or burning parts of your food.

The Gaz Lite LPG BBQ Grill can now be found on one of the widest online shopping platform, Shopee, you may use the browser site to look for the Gaz Lite LPG Grill using this link, or you can pick up your phone and use the Shopee app that you can download from your phone’s Google Playstore or Apple Appstore.


The Gaz Lite BBQ Grill is having a special 15% off discount until the end of this day July 31, 2020, so what are you waiting for? The perfect partner to your korean food craving is a single tap away from being in your homes, eat alongside your favorite stars and artists as you watch them enjoy themselves as well in their shows. Grab the Gaz Lite LPG BBQ Grill now before the day ends and get a nice discount alongside the freebies that they give, the perfect grill for your homes.


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