Free Youtube Everyday Promo By Smart, TNT and Sun

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The most visited site that people go to for how-to videos, walkthroughs and entertainment. YouTube, YouTube is the biggest platform for video viewing, sharing and posting videos on the daily.

Recently The network company Smart started a new project in partner with YouTube, yes you read that correctly. For prepaid subscribers under the company Smart like Smart, TNT and Sun, one hour, yes! One hour of free browsing and watching of all the videos on YouTube for your non-stop entertainment and pleasure.

When subscribing for promos like GigaSurfs and AllOutSurfs as well as other combos that are available to the prepaid users of Smart and affiliated brands. How long can you use the one hour? good question, you can use the one-hour daily YouTube viewing throughout the allocated time of the promo you subscribed to, so don’t worry about running out of time use the time given to you by Smart and YouTube.

The promo will start from April 17 to July 15 however, in the duration of this time, not only can you use this one hour on YouTube, Smart is working on having other streaming sites to be put in the promo as well.

Smart wants to have Filipinos pursue their passions, hobbies and to learn a myriad of new skills. So Smart thought of doing that through the platforms where you can do exactly that. Oscar Reyes the SVP of Consumer Business Market Development for PLDT the mother company of Smart said, “With this new offer, mobile users now have everyday access to the richest video library with content from every corner of the planet; for free.” basically PLDT is looking for more ways to better serve their patrons.

Have a blast with watching whatever you want, because that’s what Smart wants you to do, enjoy!


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Lariza Garcia

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3 thoughts on “Free Youtube Everyday Promo By Smart, TNT and Sun

  1. Wow for this mommy! I am a smart prepaid subscriber. Nagloload ako kapag lumalabas lang. Makakapanood na rin ako sa youtube sa 50 pesos gigasurf promo nila sulit na.

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