Four new Reasons Why I love to Dine at Paradise Dynasty

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Do you what I love about living in Pasig, it has so many places where you can dine.

Hobby na ata ng mga anak ko na during weekends ay maghanap ng makakainan especially if they have back up from my brother who also loves to eat.

Every weekend, well during Sunday mostly, my children would visit me at home and we would dine out.
I celebrated my birthday last Sept 22 but since the kids are busy, they (yes , they) decided to make me celebrate it on the next day which is Sunday (Sept 23).

Since they love Xiao long bao of Paradise Dynasty, we head on to Podium which is 15 minutes away from our house.
Oh besides the Xiao long bao ( the eight flavored ones) they also love the Charcoal Lava Bun which they decided to ordered two set for take-out while ordering the ones for dine in. ( well , that’s how addicted they are to the Charcoal Lava Bun.

Well, to make it short, they ordered and I pay since I am the birthday celebrant which I don’t see the logic because I always pay the bills ( hahahaha, the story of being a mom).

By the way, Paradise Dynasty recently launch new four reasons why you should return and keep coming back. If you think you had tasted all what Paradise Dynasty can offer, then think again

Here are the four reasons why you should dine at Paradise Dynasty:

Fried Duck (1,288.00) for half a duck
The duck is marinated into perfection and fried to perfection. The skin is crunchy but the meat is juicy and it comes with steam buns plus the set of basil, cucumber & scallions ( which I had to ask for a second serving because it was really perfect for me who take less carbs)

Note: you can order rice if you are into rice eating instead having the steam bun which some of us did.

Grouper with Pine Nuts and Fruits (1,288.00)
When I saw this, I thought of the escabeche which I love because it’s a combination of sweetness and sourness , the grouper with pine nuts and fruits is way above from what I expect it to be. Ang sarap nya, fresh ang fish plus the amazing presentation. I could not imagine how they could cut the fish that way.

Note: best eat with rice ( sorry me kasi , I had to order rice this time)

Grilled Grouper with Tofu in Mapo Tufo Style (1,288.00)
I so love the staff of the Paradise Dynasty, why? Because they really know how to debone a fish ( hahaha)
With a smile on his face, our waiter managed to debone the fish so easily which make eating it more fun. I love that it has tofu in it.

Shanghai Style Braised Pork Belly 588
Okey, this is the best part. The part where in I really have to test my will. I don’t normally eat pork but this time, I have to give in. The only excuse that I can give is, it has bokchoy which I eat it with. The meat is tender and you need rice ( yes, I had to eat rice again, hahaha)

Totally it was fun, not only did I had eaten a lot, I was able to dine with my children on that day
A bonus treats from Sir JoJo who gave me a birthday gift which I had to share to my kids or else ( sabi nila, kanila daw yun talaga and they are sharing it with me kasi birthday ko)

Thank you, Paradise Dynasty, for making my birthday celebration more memorable

Paradise Dynasty is located at the 2nd floor of the new wing of The Podium. They have another branch in S Maison Conrad in MOA

For promos and inquiries you can check out their website and Facebook account

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