Four Japanese chefs showcase culinary expertise at Epilogue

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Epilogue, a newly opened fine bistro in S Maison Mall offers a new, unique and exciting gastronomic experience to foodies and casual diners. Epilogue fuses it dedicated Japanese approach with the fresh and vibrant flavors of a European style bistro

With a friendly atmosphere perfect for intimate dining, Epilogue offers a refreshing take on the familiar and introduces diners to a new culinary journey.

At the heart of Epilogue are four seasoned chefs namely Tomohide Ono, Hayato Mitsuhashi, Minoru Sorimachi, and Kenji Ishihara – all Japanese in spirit and process but with a global culinary perspective. From fresh pastries made every morning to exceptional cuisine and cocktails in the evening, these Epilogue chefs will showcase their skills and kodawari – a Japanese way of life where one continuously learns and strives for excellence in their chosen profession – in a way that will surely delight Filipino diners.

Epilogue’s wide selection of pastries
Chef Tomohide Ono

Chef Tomohide Ono specializes in soft breads. While he has already delighted palates in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Jakarta, he takes on a new challenge as he introduces his creations in Manila. At Epilogue, he offers a wide variety of breads using local ingredients that bring out the flavor of each item in his selection.

Foie’s Gold

Chef Hayato Mitsuhashi’s expertise, on the other hand, is pasta and Italian food. He enjoys incorporating fresh seafood into his dishes, and is also into combining Italian ingredients like produce and herbs with Japanese flavors. His dishes, as Epilogue diners attest, are heavily influenced by his Italian training and Japanese heritage.


King’s Cut


Meanwhile, Minoru Sorimachi had his early training 19 years ago as an apprentice at a teppanyaki restaurant in Ropponggi. His kodawari led to his evolution into a master of steak and teppanyaki. He has turned teppanyaki into a performance art where he is encouraged by the audience’s reactions. With experience from various steak houses in Japan, he is ready to share his craft to the Manila audience.

Last but not the least, Kenji Ishihara’s extensive knowledge of French pastries is rooted in his 23 years of experience working in Tokyo, Singapore, and Jakarta. His unique creations are a reflection of his love for sugar art and his exposure to a diverse culinary culture. His eclectic style in Manila is truly evident in the dessert creations now available at Epilogue.

With their extensive exposure to the food industry for over 20 years, these culinary geniuses are ready to take the Manila diners to a one-of-a-kind culinary journey—to be experienced only at Epilogue.

Epilogue is a brand of the Food Revolution Group. To know more about Epilogue, you may go to or visit Epilogue at G/F S Maison, Conrad Manila, Ocean Drive, Mall of Asia, and Pasay City.



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