Food Gem at Marikina City : La Barra at Tableria Food Park

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There are times when we discover new food gems amidst the sprawling food park in Marikina
I love to cook Paella but I’m no expert and the alternative would be to find a restaurant that I could order to.
Paella is a Valencian rice dish. Types of paella include Valencian paella, vegetable paella (Spanish: paella de verduras), seafood paella (Spanish: paella de marisco), and mixed paella (Spanish: paella mixta), among many others.
It was by luck that I discover La Barra. As they say; you find gems in unexpected places.

The Place

The Food

Mwah verdict……..

Yes, it’s delicious; every one of our order is truly enjoyable up to the last bite.
Swak sa budget ang Paella Valenciana, for only 350; it can feed 2-3 person. Samahan mona din ng Croquestas; 5 pcs for only 88 pesos. What’s interesting about their Croquestas ay di sya patatas; yes, di sya made sa patatas but it’s mad of beshamel ball with bacon bits and cheese.
But wait, there’s more; ung gambas nila ay medyo kakaiba ang lasa dahil sa oil sauce nito. Yes; di lang sya pang appetizer pero pwede na din ulam.
It’s funny how we discover places na may marasap na pagkaing pampamilya at mura pa.
To think, Paella would cost around more than Five Hundred Pesos sa ibang restaurant dahil sa dami ng toppings nito but here sa La Barra; affordable talaga
Ung dessert naman nila na Crema Catalan ay P75.00 lang. Di sya matamis kaya di masakit sa lalamunan; tatamis lang sya if you mix the sugar topping nya. Di nakakasawa at di nakakaumay
Yes, it’s really a gem to find places like this at malapit lang sya, pwede ka magcommute
So, make sure to visit La Barra at Tableria Food Park, Marinina City


How to Commute

Via Jeep coming from Pasig

Fare : minimum of P8.00/depends where you are coming for


Via Jeep Coming from Cubao/Marikina Bayan

Via Jeep coming from Cubao/Marikina Bayan
Fare : depends where u are coming from

La Barra Mnl

Tableria Food Park

239 J.P Rizal San Roque

Marikina City

Contact Details for Reservation

Jonathan Ngo – 09959849180

Jose Marie Javier – 09950130012


4 PM -12 Midnight



So, that’s it guys
Happy eating


Lariza Garcia


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